Do Enterprises Have In-Depth Threat Visibility in Cyber Security Systems?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, August 04, 2020

With the rise in technological advancements, the likelihood of occurrence of sophisticated attacks has also increased. Should organizations be confident about their existing cybersecurity systems?

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity has always been bringing new challenges for industrial organizations. Current attacks on crucial safety systems have demonstrated that traditional devices are no longer capable of stopping these sophisticated fraudsters.

Moreover, deployments of unmanaged IoT gadgets are increasing attack surfaces. Enhanced connectivity between OT, IT, Cloud, and the third-party system is creating more pathways for fraudsters to pivot into important systems.

Industrial Operators Require Wide and Deep Visibility

Security teams cannot complete shield system against increasingly complex cyber-attacks. However, the visibility of these threats can help in reducing security risks. The organizations that are aware of the visibility of these threats upgrade their security policies and increase their level of monitoring of assets at-risk users and assets.

System-wide awareness of communication and device awareness can facilitate safety efforts toward the most important problems. Realization of modifications in assets and connectivity can trigger reviews and responses for new vulnerabilities that emerge in security policies and defenses.

It is also important for visibility to be comprehensive as it provides defenders with the data they require to evaluate the risks and implement correct response promptly. Besides, prompt identification of changes is essential as it offers security personnel time to take action before the attacks can exploit new susceptibilities.

Constant OT Network Monitoring Improves Threat Visibility

Constant OT network monitoring solutions are a key tool for security visibility within sophisticated industrial control systems. These products’ visibility value has been proven across a broad array of industrial operations.

Usage of network traffic monitoring and in-depth packet inspection of proprietary protocols ensures that primary asset information is allocated without any violation of stringent restrictions of real-time, 24×7 control systems. Solutions can conveniently identify any modification that occurs in the system assets and ordinary network message flows.

There have been enhancements in the delivery of information and integration with other visibility tools. Previous solutions offer local, OT-centric command centers with restricted contextual assistance. Latest continuous OT monitoring systems aggregate data from numerous systems, offer comprehensive warnings with contextual analysis support, evaluate devices for known susceptibilities, and give guidance to users regarding addressing devices at risk.

Besides, it has become convenient to integrate these products with famous IT visibility and SOC application with the help of published APIs and proven integrations with well-known SIEMs and networking products.

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