Cybersecurity Trends: Issues and Solutions

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, June 21, 2019

Technological interventions to limit the cyber attacks have been pretty successful and Cybersecurity will continue to empower companies with latest security innovations.

FREMONT, CA: Cybersecurity issues have grown in prominence in recent years. The scale of attacks has been continuously increasing, which has led to panicked reactions. Shortly, one can expect to see the defenses against cyber attacks get better even though criminals and masterminds continue to evolve sophisticated techniques to surpass security measures. The current trends in the cybersecurity ecosystem can help one understand the vulnerabilities and solutions better.

•  Sophisticating Phishing Defense

Poorly designed messages that were used, for phishing are not seen anymore. The frauds are planned and executed in much better ways these days, and it has become challenging to detect phishing emails. The malicious links and messages seem to have genuine origins from established organizations that might look familiar. Increased awareness and stronger firewalls can reduce the number of phishing cases.

•  Stringent Regulations

Regulations in place can be seen, as facilitators of safety and cybersecurity. Upon ensuring compliance with these regulations, companies automatically strengthen their capabilities to fight cyber threats. Standardized rules like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a significant step towards securing online spaces and systems against criminal activities that threaten the loss of data and money.

•  Better Endpoint Security

Devices with IoT are prone to high risks because of their continuous connectivity to the networks.  Securing the IoT enables devices with active firewalls, and passwords can lend credence to the security situation. The current endpoint security measures are not up to the mark as the number of zero-day attacks has increased. Reduction in securing patches for vulnerabilities can improve endpoint security.

•  Employee Awareness

Employees will continue to be the easiest point of entry for attackers as they are often the weakest link in organizations. This can change if companies prioritize employee training and awareness. Unless the users know how to ensure security and compliance, the organization might not be completely secure in spite of all the measures.

To safeguard a company against cybercrimes, a concerted effort with the right tools is necessary. Security lapses may not cease anytime soon, but one can certainly reduce their potential.

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