Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, August 22,2019

Feature of the Week

Digital security is becoming increasingly crucial for enterprises to protect sensitive data as customers bank, shop, communicate online; at the heart of that security lies data encryption.  Read more
Compliance ought to be seen as a business enabler rather than as a drain on development. The change can only happen if enterprises work in an integrated way to bring innovative solutions to the connected organizational challenges.  Read more
The necessity to be one step ahead of other enterprises is rising in this competitive world and being cost-efficient is the right way to stay right at the forefront.  Read more

CIO Viewpoint

By Christian Anschuetz, SVP, CIO and Director-Board of Directors for ProjectRELO, UL  
The night was full of sound as the team made their way back to the encampment. In the distance heavy guns roared, spitting their massive rounds into the air, their shells are landing only a short distance away.  Read more
By Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO, City Of Palo Alto  
I used to look at drones from a distance. Not anymore.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Yves Audebert, Chairman, Co-CEO & Founder  
Axiad IDS is a trusted and leading identity and access management solutions provider for organizations, government, and financial companies. The company was founded by industry experts with extensive backgrounds in generating, deploying, and...  Read more
By John Palumbo, President  
Providing reliable security solutions, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to secure the infrastructure  Read more
By Roberto Troiani, Founder & CEO  
Yaroze is a boutique company, which is driven by strong passion and a methodological approach that mitigates multinational companies’ associated risks. The company has made IT security consulting its core business, taking care to provide its...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Mike Dauber, General Partner, Amplify Partners  
An organization should become the development markers, and at the same time understand the process of developing a product.  Read more
By Daniel Gomez, Investor, Fusion Fund  
The cybersecurity industry is fragmented, so startups need to tackle large markets or multiple markets at once if they want to be "venture backable".  Read more