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November 08, 2018

Enterprise Security Mag Weekly Brief

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Feature of the Week
Digital forensics has touched the public, thanks to shows like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). However, what is shown on television is not the actual way investigation is carried out.
He feels that apart from the implementation of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, people need to be educated about cyber etiquette.
Multifactor authentication or MFA were designed to keep users' credentials protected but all MFA methods don’t provide 100 percent security and have their own strengths and weaknesses.
Featured Vendors
A privately held boutique cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in consulting, auditing, and implementation of best practices to secure enterprises.
A company led by former NSA security experts with an objective to help companies steer clear of the vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.
Provides mobile application security testing services to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart hackers.
CIO Viewpoint
Brad Wheeler, Vice President for IT & CIO, Indiana University Bloomington and Board Member of IU Health Bloomington Hospital
In 2016, my CIO colleagues and I in the Big Ten Academic Alliance realized the game was quickly changing in cybersecurity.
Brad Peterson, EVP & CIO, Nasdaq
For us, our spending has continued to increase for information security over the past three years while our overall technology spending has remained flat.
CXO Insights
By Kevin Baltes, CISSP Director & CISO – Product Cyber security, General Motors
With individuals averaging over 290hours a year in a vehicle (, 2016), the use of connected services and telematics has become common for drivers and passengers.
By Bill Swearingen¸ Director of Centurylink
As businesses work through their digital transformations, leveraging the latest software and cloud technologies to enhance customer experience and streamline operations.