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December 13, 2018

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Feature of the Week
Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting banks, investment companies, and insurers to steal information and money, obliterate critical infrastructure, disrupt operations, and compromise data-rich financial services institutions (FSIs).
Cloud technology has been under scrutiny by both critics and experts.
AI analyzes large volumes of data, recognizes complex patterns of malicious activities and provides analysts much accurate approach towards securing and updating their cybersecurity system.
Featured Vendors
Provides a key vault management platform that protects API keys and other app secrets with decentralization and moving target defense.
An information security solutions and compliance provider that offers cryptography and key management, payment security, compliance, and HSM virtualization solutions and services.
The company provides highly-secure, hardware-encrypted USB storage, remote management, and cloud-based endpoint security services, as well as duplication solutions for data protection.
CIO Viewpoint
Gregory Crabb, CISO, VP, United States Postal Service
By sharing threat intelligence and reporting successful breaches, organizations empower law enforcement to seek out attackers and eradicate ongoing cybercrime.
Randall Frietzsche, CISO, Denver Health
If you are a US-based healthcare entity, and you electronically bill for your services, you probably fall under HIPAA regulations.
CXO Insights
By Andrew Sohn, SVP - Global Digital and Analytics Srvcs, Crawford & Company
Cradle to grave data management that treats data as an asset is the key.
By Thomas Gresham, Assistant Director, Information & Communications Technology, County of Santa Barbara
Blockchain technology is a rapidly growing topic of interest. Companies are racing to embrace the trend but should take into account the many pitfalls that could arise.