The Latest Developments in Cyberspace Trends

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cyberlaw has been around for almost twenty years. It is an evolving concept according to the latest trends of cyber technology. Based on the recent technological advances, it is inevitable that new cyber laws will emerge within the end of this year. Several countries have prepared drafts of their national cybersecurity laws, which are likely to be implemented in the near future for the regulation of cyber activities.

The dedicated cyber laws will outline the duties and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the digital world. With the constant rise in cyber attacks and breaches, cybersecurity guidelines and regulations will also evolve. The current cybersecurity strategies will be amended to deal with the threats to cybersecurity. Governments are likely to demand information from enterprises concerning cybersecurity and encryption technologies.

The trend of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) by organizations and enterprises will only grow. As a result, lawmakers will come up with new policies to regulate the issues concerning AI technology. The industries using AI technology will likely amend the code of conduct of AI developers, subjecting them to enhanced regulations. Many states in the U.S. are preparing to make amendments to the driverless car regulations, enforcing car manufacturers to integrate their products with necessary cybersecurity measures. Rules on the legal liability of driverless vehicles are also likely to be passed.

Besides cybersecurity and AI, cryptocurrencies have also emerged as a popular trend in the year 2019. Despite the instability, the utilization of the blockchain currency is growing. As cryptocurrency usage increases, governments are coming up with new rules and regulations to monitor the transactions.

As blockchain technology is adopted across various industries and fields, national legislations are emerging to form legal frameworks for its effective regulation and promotion. Nations of Belarus and Malta have already established legislation to promote the effective implementation of blockchain, and more countries are likely to follow suit. The year 2019 will witness the emergence of new technologies and applications which will result in the evolution of cyberlaw. 

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