Cloud To Enhance Physical Security as a Service

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, December 21, 2018

The Cloud storage has been widely embraced by businesses for storing the data and just the normal data even financial records and documents but when it comes to physical security enterprises still are reluctant to embrace cloud technology in it. The physical security industry does not trust the cloud for storage as it is said to be vulnerable cyber attacks. But now with changing time, physical security vendors must integrate access control and IP network cameras to make their customers understand the potential of cloud and migrate them to Security as a Service (SaaS) platforms to reduce their cost, peace of mind and many valuable functions that currently remote devices are unable to perform.

The cloud platform is often believed to be not secure but there are already cloud-based security solutions that provide enough security to the data stored. Providers of cloud space such as Microsoft and Amazon also take proper measures to ensure that the platform is sufficiently secure. Whenever breach takes place it is either because of weak configuration or human error instead of the issues with the cloud platform. Surveys have shown that cloud platform is being widely accepted and is evident to grow its share in the company’s expenditures.

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Recently, people have migrated towards cloud platform but only for emails, payrolls, CRM and other basic tasks. This means there is an immense opportunity for physical security industry on the platform. Embracing cloud platform would allow them to enhance their security services such as video surveillance as a service allowing them to reduce service cost and give an edge over their peers. Real-time information sharing will also make its way in the industry and in current era real-time data sharing is very crucial. Combining machine learning technology would take the security services to a new height as it will permit machines to identify risk and act accordingly to eliminate or at least mitigate it.

Cloud holds the potential to overcome the challenges of physical security especially enhancing video surveillance as a service. In the past, this service has faced many breaches and has lost customers trust but with embracing clouds vendors of the service will get ahead of the curve in the market.

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