Why Should Cloud Migration Be Carefully Examined?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, December 13, 2019

CloudTo prevent reputational damage and other related consequences, organizations should scrutinize various reasons before moving to the cloud.

 FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, people check their mobile phones and other connected devices often. They attempt to retrieve data that was once stored on their hand-held devices. They are not aware of where the information is stored or coming from, but they can easily access it. However, when it comes to organizations that wish to move to the third-party cloud solution, they need to know about where the data is stored and do the benefits outweigh risks. There are benefits like increased availability and decreased hardware costs, but still, there is a maintenance, configuration, validation, and more. It is not possible to migrate the information to the clo

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ud by merely considering the cost reduction reasons without proper identification and validation.

Therefore, carefully consider cloud migration through the following assessments by the organizations looking forward to adopting it.

• Know the skillsets of the in-house or outsourced maintenance and operations teams if they are equipped to transition to different workflows and clearly understand the new challenges and possible risks associated with cloud environments.

• Identify the data to be hosted externally, and data classification is vital to effective cloud solutions.

• After deciding to move data to the cloud, organizations should be aware of the data owner and how well are they prepared for this transition.

After the above considerations, choose the cloud providers along with a variety of services offered by them. Followed by selecting the vendors and reviewing the contractual agreements, roles, and responsibilities of both parties, it’s time to understand the security and configuration specifics. After transferring the data to the cloud, organizations lost control of it.

Cloud services are becoming popular because they are empowering organizations o collect, store, and process data effectively with high availability. The vendors available in the market cover a massive variety of situations, and they often prove more effective than re-designing in-house.

Cloud environments are great resources, and handling them properly is essential. Like any other migration program, carefully examine cloud migration. By missing out careful consideration, organizations can experience severe reputational damage in spite of easier storage and processing.

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