What are the Areas to Focus while Adopting Cloud Solutions

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

CloudWith the adoption of cloud-based systems, it is essential that the enterprises must focus on learning the type of solutions best suited for their business model.

FREMONT, CA: When it is about cloud solutions, there are several questions regarding the migration procedure. To assist with the transition, the end-users must have a better understanding of the cloud and what they can achieve from it. The security industry is traditional, and it can take time to conduct changes. Opting for cloud will provide a better knowledge of functionality and operation.

There are a few key elements that have to be followed to help with the transition. Here are some of the cloud facts that can help enterprises with the adoption of the cloud.

1. Cloud Provides Cost-Saving Solutions

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Eradicating local system appliances makes the cloud less complex, but it also decreases the system maintenance. Transitioning to the cloud will save money for the users in both the long and short term. If the model is subscription-based, it will help to save on setup and management fees, along with human resources.

Moreover, the cloud offers a better scalable solution that means it will allow adding cameras or doors to the existing system without purchasing extra hardware. This procedure permits a more flexible approach to security necessities. 

2. Cybersecurity Risks Are Alleviated

People using cloud may think that when they are connecting a device to the cloud, outside of the network, then it might create more risks than on-premise storage. However, cloud providers are continuously working for several years or the development of technology for encrypting the data from the moment it is being captured through transportation to the cloud. The process will provide users with end-to-end security, and it has better protection than the onsite system. Additionally, the onsite systems can be prone to damage because of theft, server issues, and hacking, but it will not be a problem with a cloud system.

While selecting a cloud provider, it is better to search for organizations that have experience and also resources to invest in cybersecurity annually. It is better to consider asking how much the provider will spend on cybersecurity and data privacy each year, even when they have a designated cyber team. The cloud provider can invest more in cybersecurity development than any of their clients can do on their own.

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