What are the Best Ways to Combat Threats?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, July 31, 2020

Threat Combat WaysThe groundwork of any threat management involves a seamless integration between people, techniques, and technology that can help in staying stay ahead of risks.

FREMONT, CA: Threat management is a framework that is used by cybersecurity professionals to deal with the life cycle of a threat in order to spot and react with speed and precision. Organizations have been struggling to keep up with the gradual increase of risks and the intricacy of the cyber attacks. Therefore, threat management is essential to every company now, more than before, as it helps in enhancing the collaboration between people and technology. Organizations that adopt, as well as implement the threat management framework successfully are benefitted from:

• Reduced risks with faster threat detection, quicker response, and constant investigations

• Constant development with the help of built-in process measurement and coverage

• Higher security team standards and skills and efficiency tTo thrive and snowball in the industry, organizations have to bring together the defenses and the responses to end the threats more efficiently and in no time. Companies can effectively manage their risks by following a few critical frameworks, such as:

• Getting valuable insights into the existing threat operations with universal services that can be customized locally to satisfy the individual requirements of an organization.

• Gaining visibility into the threat landscape, from every angle, with services to evaluate the cyber resiliency and technology that can combine the security, as well as the non-security data sources together.

• Uncovering most of the critical threats of an organization with the help of a combination of AI, threat intelligence, and attack models, which secure the top Fortune 500 companies with years of experience.

• Investigating structured and unstructured data sources, with the help of AI and advanced analytics.

• Reacting to the situation by bringing automated actions to prevent the common threats and dynamic business-wide playbooks and also offer orchestration within people, methodologies, and technologies.

With the struggles of the organizations, having more and more recurrent and complicated attacks, the administrators must merge people, different methods, and technology to put an end on the cybersecurity threats. Effective threat management offers a great framework to deliver valuable insights into the threat landscape and help the organization to identify threats faster, explore smartly with AI and advanced analytics combined, and resolve the situation with automation and orchestration.

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