How Innovative Automation Solution Boosts IT Infrastructure Security?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, December 09, 2019

Infrastructure SecurityCollaborative automation software helps organizations with best IT infrastructure security solutions.

FREMONT, CA: SaltStack Protect by SaltSatack offers automation of discovery and remediation of security vulnerabilities throughout the web-scale infrastructure. The advanced solution, an addition to the SaltStack SecOps family of products, holds the ability to automate the continuous compliance operations with the latest CIS Benchmark content and the new SDK for the development of custom security investigations. The SaltStack SecOps product family provides a high-tech security platform for IT operations teams. The innovative security platform helps customers strengthen organizational protection walls by bridging security and IT skills gaps and talent shortages, and reduce the time needed to fix the critical security vulnerabilities.      

Risk Management

SaltStack Protect standardizes security techniques by developing closed-loop workflows that scan, detect, prioritize, and fix critical security threats. The ability of this advanced security solution includes native CVE scanning for both on-premise and cloud systems and provide threats notifications based on more than 12,000 CVEs across the operating systems and operational infrastructure. SaltStack Protect carries different capabilities that include priority access to intelligent vulnerability and focus on risk remediation, collect real-time data of each asset on the configuration state, integrate the data to differentiate vulnerabilities accurately that are exploitable from those that are not. Finally, SaltStack Protect also offers to automate the remediation and deliver the power of automation to SecOps teams with an API-first solution for scanning IT systems for vulnerabilities and providing automated workflows to remediate them.

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The intelligent automation abilities of SaltStack provide event-driven security, cloud, and configuration management to the software-defined world. The company helps IT businesses secure and handle all aspects of their digital foundation efficiently. The company develops innovative software to provide event-driven IT automation for controlling efficiency, configuring, and ensuring the sophisticated digital systems security at every stage of operation. SaltStack assists IT organizations in orchestrating and automating the difficult, complicated IT operations with the right speed and flexibility by delivering vulnerability remediation, compliance management, and real-time IT security services.

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