What are the Benefits of IGA in User Access Management

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, February 04, 2020

As the demand of enterprises is increasing, IGA is becoming an important element of many organizations due to its many benefits. 

FREMONT, CA: One of the essential parts of an enterprise security portfolio is a well-defined Identity Governance Administration (IGA). The small enterprises that have a limited number of employees can expediently administer the granting, removing, and reviewing access. The employees can also have some predefined roles or access templates. However, big enterprises can enjoy a considerable amount of advantages when they implement IGA solution because it manages devices, applications, and also have access to several systems effectively. Here are some of the benefits of IGAP. 

1. Reorganization Budget

For the IT managing access and identity, both manually can be a burden. Manually provisioning access can take excessive time and also comes with more help desk calls or tickets. Moreover, documentation and reporting both make the process more complicated and takes extra effort. Even certifying privileged access can also require additional time resulting in rubber-stamping approvals so that they can get more pressing matters. 

This also suggests that IT is delivering a maximum of their time, and most of it can be used for enhancing other projects. IGA solution can decrease the issue of time management and can perform the job with better credibility. 

2. Risk Management

In the present time, the enterprises have to deal with numerous data breaches. Therefore, by adapting the IGA solution, enterprises can decrease the exposure of sensitive data. IGA strictly guards and puts a limitation on the access of the data to reduce the risk. 

This solution provides an active approach to governing and managing access as it focuses on three-part of the access. First, the solution follows the rule of least privilege that eliminates the additional opportunities and grant access to authorized personnel. Second, they terminate the orphan accounts as fast as possible. Final, the solution also supervises for segregation of duty (SoD) violations

3. Organization Changes

Businesses transform and grow continuously, so the IGA solution can assist and make those transformations less complicated and more efficient. It will become easy to implement small changes like transfers, individual promotions, and layoffs because IGA solutions can offer access based on the roles. 

With such immense benefits, it is suitable to say that IGA solutions are becoming a vital element for several organizations. 
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