VMware Launches Service-Defined Firewall for Intrinsic Security

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, March 20, 2019

VMware announces the launch of its new product, service-defined security firewall. Applying its IT proficiency to produce security tools and devices, VMware has come up with a cybersecurity firewall. This latest release is an all-new service-defined firewall, which is specially designed for offering intrinsic security.

Broadening the security landscape and utilizing the present IT infrastructure, VMware focuses on automating the protection protocols and engineering the responsive factor of the application. The launched cybersecurity model features the use of VMware NSX and AppDefense. The firewall provides complete holistic protection, and the same is called as intrinsic security. The firewall system is based on the application verification method, which is based on the timely variations of the microservice, making it intelligent and efficient.  

VMware combines various technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR) to conceptualize a service-defined security system. VMware’s integrated virtualization platform is used to formulate and implement intrinsic security. The security-defined firewall follows a distributed approach for monitoring the processes and applications across the user interface and that of the intruder’s. Strategizing the operations of the infrastructure and controlling the communications with the external or internal cloud, the firewall inspects not only the host but also the guest operating systems thoroughly. The firewall’s deep monitoring processes help in handling and preventing suspicious actions and malicious attacks.

VMware is a leading software solution company, which provides promising high-tech products and services. Encouraging digital revolutions, VMware unlocks broad application spectrum powered by technology to transform the world for better. Since years, VMware maps the business models of numerous enterprises to tech-driven innovative conceptualizations. Changing the traditional industrial processes, the IT solution provider has clasped onto all that the emerging technologies have to offer. VMware creates, enhances, manages and maintains the client's digital workspace.            

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