Next-generation Firewall and Web Security Service: Weapon to Secure Cloud

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, February 18, 2019

cloudIn this age of cloud revolution, the business houses want to shift their critical data to the cloud. LogicMonitor’s survey says that 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be directed to the cloud by 2020. But, the cloud platform allures cybercriminals. Developers are tensed about the security of the cloud because it holds a lot of sensitive data. Big houses invest much to ensure security.  Microsoft spends almost $1 billion every year to make research and development in the security arena.

Symantec Corp. has announced a partnership with Fortinet with a view of offering the enterprises and customers more improved and stable security solutions. Under this partnership, Fortinet’s Next-generation Firewall (NGFW) will be integrated with Symantec’s cloud-delivered Web Security Service (WSS). Except this, the other solutions of Symantec are expected to be merged with Fortinet Security Fabric platform. This partnership is important to provide security to the cloud by ensuring Zero Trust security platform. This merger will offer the customers the chance to enjoy the real-time threat intelligence and automated action to drive away threats. Fortinet’s SD-WAN technology will collaborate with Symantec’s WSS through Symantec’s Technology Integration Partner Program.

Symantec Corporation has been playing a vital role in ensuring the security of data since its introduction of Norton. Norton provides proper protection against the virus and helps in detecting and removing malware. It works for PC, Android, and iOS devices.

Symantec Endpoint Protection is another important product from Symantec Corporation. It is empowered by single agent architecture. A single software can help in rendering different tasks, such as protection from antivirus and malware, device control, and application control. This single agent architecture makes Symantec unique. The company has redefined and restructured the whole arena of cybersecurity. It uses Symantec Global Intelligence to build a database of internet threat data and monitors over 157 countries to detect threats.

Fortinet provides security to corporate giants, service provider, and government organizations. It enables its customers to use intelligent protection. The Fortinet Security Fabric Architecture can address critical security issues adequately. The company also provides Intent-Based Segmentation which enables organizations to segment network and infrastructure. By using analytics and automation, this solution detects and quickly prevents threats. It even works on multiple clouds. As isolated solutions cannot act rapidly against sophisticated and fast-moving threats, Fortinet believes to integrate security solutions. Its Self-Evolving Detection System (SEDS) is under development and training. This AI program is expected to ensure better threat detection and prevention.

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