Top 5 Challenges Faced by Enterprises While Securing Data on Cloud

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, January 13, 2020

Protecting data is an essential part of cloud security. Every company can put its best foot forward when it comes to data security and privacy.

FREMONT, CA: Data security is one of the significant issues for every organization. Not every cyber threat poses the same degree of risk, and companies can work to offer unparalleled data protection by supporting the security standards against the threats. Here are some privacy risks that can be a challenge for organizations in 2020.

Accidental Sharing

Not all the data loss events are the work of complex cybercriminals. A surprising number of data breaches are mainly caused by an organization's employees who unexpectedly or unknowingly share or mishandle the sensitive data. People or organizations make mistakes, and decreasing the risks associated with those errors is significant for protecting the privacy of data

Employee Fraudulent 

When the companies consider the cybersecurity risks, malicious aliens are initially top of the mind. Indeed, the cybercriminals play a major role in some data breach, but the enterprises publish many others. Companies have resources to protect against the challenges posed by insider threats.


Few of the cyber threats collect the media attention and inherent fear as ransomware attacks. These attacks are on the increase as both the local municipalities and businesses of all kinds are victimized by the digital cash grabs that can be expensive. Most of the ransomware attacks begin at the employee level as phishing scams and other risks like malicious communications invite these devastating attacks.

Too Much Data Access

Company data is considered as the most valuable asset of any business controls, and the data should be protected, respectively. Data access should be a need-to-know environment that decreases the exposure and minimizes the risk of accidental or malicious misuse.


Email addresses and passwords are in the high request by the cybercriminals, following as the primary data were stolen in 70% and 64% of breaches respectively in the last year. Since this, the information can be used to deploy other, more different attacks. All organizations needs to be aware of how fraudulent activity is taking place and how the company data can be used against them.

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