Understanding the Significance of Cybersecurity

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 15, 2019

Cybersecurity is vital for an organization. Humans can prevent cyber attacks, and the security community must commit to addressing this issue on a worldwide scale. World leaders are beginning to understand the importance of cybersecurity. The world depends on digital infrastructure and the people depend on their devices, and these devices are under attack daily.    

The digital economy depends on cybersecurity protecting organizational assets, defending brand names, contributing to business continuity, potentially providing a competitive advantage, and managing liabilities and risk as a whole. EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been forced to enforce rules because of insufficient actions taken by organizations to protect themselves and their customers. A few isolated steps taken are not enough to keep the national cybersecurity protected. People, process, organizational structures, technologies, and addressing the overall business ecosystem have to be taken into consideration for cybersecurity to work.

Business leaders must collaborate to give cybersecurity not only locally but also globally, to give cybersecurity more meaning. The collaboration between business leaders presents more opportunities to drive real solutions. Global leaders across the world both public and private sectors should collaborate to face the challenge of cybersecurity. The attacks are going to intensify in the coming years because of the rapid proliferation of new technologies and the corresponding changes to business models.

Organizations are using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to safeguard themselves from the threats, and the hackers are using the same tech to break into those organizations. The global and private sectors have not prepared for this reality. As of now, companies don’t understand the depth of organizational cybersecurity and prioritizing and investing in training resources for security teams. Cybersecurity should not be demonized, and the right side of the internet should always be in focus. With cybersecurity being a prominent threat, there is no ambiguity about the extent of the challenge. 

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