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Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, January 21, 2019

For the past few days, Amazon has stayed on the headlines. Though Amazon saw a record filling shopping weekend due to black Friday, it failed in securing the data of their customers. Inadvertently, Amazon’s customer data was compromised due to internal technical errors. Amazon admitted its fault by sending an email to their customers stating it as a mechanical failure. The same mail justified that the issue has been fixed. But, the mail doesn’t mention what went wrong and what is the exact reason for the disclosure of data.

So far from the email, customers know that it was not due to hackers and their account was safe. Also, Amazon did not reveal how many customers were affected due to this internal error. Though Amazon comforted their customers with its email, it is unsure if its customers are convinced about the disclosure of the data. Only 5 percent of Amazon loyalists treat it as a mild issue. Instead, all the digital era consumers will know how retailers are immune to such potential leakage of data.

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Amazon holds half of the e-commerce cloud with uncountable prime membership numbers. As it was not a data breach, Amazon can be a bit transparent in this leakage issue. They might have confessed how the leakage happens and how they redefined it into the previous one.

Today, customers rely on an e-commerce giant like Amazon to do their shopping under their budget. In that case, the disclosure news from Amazon was a frustrating one from the customers’ point of view. In the customer forum, Amazon did not recommend the customers to have a password change. After receiving this cryptic message from Amazon, many customers have changed their passwords to be in the safe zone though Amazon did not recommend it. While changing so, they may find that the site is not secure which would contain https:// instead of http://. Amazon security failure may have been an issue, but the consumers still believe that it may not be repeated and continue to stay loyal to the brand. 



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