Ways to Mitigate E-Commerce Risks

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

E-commerce platforms have gained tremendous growth in the past decade resulting in many industries to go online. Online platforms have turned out to be a great source to extend the customer reach and enhance sales. Also, these platforms serve as a great data source for analytics to predict trends and improve customer service. Leaders from the industry have set up examples of the power of e-commerce but at the same time report the risks associated with the platform that needs to be addressed. Budding online marketers must not overlook the risks and should eliminate the most at the infrastructural stage only. Even if, the existing companies plan to go online and look to partner with service providers they must analyze risks and take steps to mitigate.

Extensive Due Diligence

Prior to partnering with third-party service providers, companies must audit and scrutinize them thoroughly for their service and solutions. Multiple providers must be consulted for the same services and the one with the best results and packages can be picked up. Contacting their previous and existing clients for the feedback would also give better insights into their service. A proper analysis will help organizations to mitigate the economic loss and maintain good customer service as well.

Stick to Best Practices

 Experiments in online marketing can be a great turn around but it is advisory that at the early stages of the business companies must follow the best practices available. They must go for service providers and platforms that already have provided good results in the past as a result risks will mitigate. Once a company is well established to bear the economic loss, then it may go for experiments.

Secure Payment Gateways

Payment is the most crucial stage of any E-commerce business, no matter how good are the products, services, and website but if the payment gateway is not equally efficient than it would result in the downfall of the business. A secure, simple, and efficient payment gateway would enable customers to trust the company as it assures no economic loss to customers. Payment gateways can be selected the similar way like other service providers.

Track the Fraudulent

Fraud is the biggest nag in online business. Marketers strive to get rid of the same for which they implement multiple policies and practices in the business model based on previous and trending frauds. Limiting declined transactions, card variation, KYC are some of the approaches to mitigate fraud risks.  

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