How Managed Security Service Providers Can Benefit Enterprises

Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, April 28, 2021

MSSPs have global operations that help them to see evolving threats and vulnerabilities the systems might have.

FREMONT, CA:As businesses struggle to manage numerous complex software systems and innovative corporate networks, managed services are becoming more common. The deployment and management of cyber defenses to defend digital assets against ever-evolving security threats is one crucial field of company outsourcing.

MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) address various business-critical cybersecurity threats that companies are facing today. A managed security service provider can help by applying complex security infrastructure, platform and tool, incident response, and constant monitoring.

The demand for managed security services is continuously expanding due to the increasing sophistication of modern cybersecurity systems that needs to implement a well-thought-out security policy, incident response planning, and recovery strategies.

Due to a lack of experience and knowledgeable employees who can address an increasing range of emerging cyber threats, businesses recruit third-party service providers to manage their cybersecurity operations. Businesses must constantly defend themselves from malicious individuals, but only large companies can afford to develop and maintain a security operation center capable of competing with MSSPs.

Security Salaries 

Frequently, businesses make the mistake of calculating the expense of establishing a Security Operations Center (SOC) solely based on the fees involved in constructing a facility and buying licenses for the highest quality software and solutions.

By focusing only on physical requirements, it minimizes the expense of skilled, qualified security personnel.

Why Hire a Managed Security Service Provider? 

Cybersecurity must be a proactive strategy for leading organizations. Only global and large companies have shown that they have sufficient resources to execute resource-efficient and cost-effective in-house security operations.

An organization whose core business is not cybersecurity will always lack expertise even if they consider hiring expert IT staff. Cyber threats are constantly advancing, with new viruses and malware, and firmware and software vulnerabilities are emerging every day.

Unless a company is willing to invest heavily in hardware, software, and specialist cybersecurity analysts, it can outsource business-critical tasks to a managed security service provider (MSSP) that can:

Continuously look for vulnerabilities in an IT ecosystem and rapidly search for threats.

Offer help with regulatory compliance in the areas of privacy, defense, and data protection (HIPAA, CCPA, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc.)

Assess needs and requirements, apply and manage cybersecurity solutions.

Respond quickly to any incident, like preventing malware from spreading through a system and causing the loss of vital business data.

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