Points to Consider Before Choosing a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Managed Security ServiceAssociating with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is essential given the frequency and the severity of cyber attacks. Organizations cannot keep up with the sophistication, diversity, and scale on their own. Partnering with an MSSP is considered as a best practice nowadays. Organizations can rest assured knowing that their MSSP can help them in avoiding data breaches and the organization can focus on core business objectives.    

Points to consider before choosing an MSSP:

Round the Clock Security

The MSSP must provide round the clock security. Hackers don’t just attack during office hours. The investment required for continual protection is significant.

For this reason, an organization can only afford security during office hours. This process bears a significant amount of risk. So, it’s crucial for an MSSP provider to provide round the clock security monitoring and support.

In-House Experts

Organizations expect MSSPs to be experts in their field. However, an MSSP cannot have capabilities in all areas. MSSPs hire indu

stry’s brightest minds across threat anomaly detection, perimeter security, security monitoring, mobile security, and network and cloud architecture will be the ones that are best placed to access and protect organization's digital assets.

MSSPs must have on-prem researchers and industry-recognized specialists as a part of their security operations team. The experts must be proficient with capabilities in real-life situations and employ the latest tools, technologies and threat intelligence to protect the organization.

Virtual SOC and Virtual NOC

A leading MSSP must have resources of a Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC).  The SOCs can vary from a small room with a couple of monitors to state

-of-the-art cyber incident centers. They are well equipped with detecting, analyzing and responding to cybersecurity incidents with a combination of people, methods, and technologies. A SOC combined with a NOC can significantly improve the integration, understanding, and capabilities of the security partner. It is peace of mind to know that a fully trained expert will monitor the organization's network.  

Technology Implementation

MSSPs are equipped with the efficiency of scale, and they can integrate the best and the latest security technologies with well-crafted systems and processes. Hackers are getting smart and agile day by day. So, an MSSP must be highly tuned and has a proven mix of both established and new security technologies.

The MSSP bears considerable responsibility. They must be capable in assisting with cyber attacks that are unpredictable and are ever-evolving. Along with security, an MSSP must be able to understand the unique needs and business goals of an organization. A top MSSP should be able to offer flexibility rather than one size fits all approach.

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