Ensuring a Secure Home with Advanced Technology

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, March 22, 2019

Connected SecurityHome security has long been a concern for owners, and in this age of advanced technology, the conventional door locking system has turned to be obsolete, as it is vulnerable before burglars. These days, the implementation of smart and connected homes has gained traction, and with the growth of the idea of a smart home, the deployment of intelligent security has become essential. According to statistics, the global market estimation of connected security devices will be $27.22 billion by 2023.

The connected security devices ensure improved security allowing the owner to have real-time information about the occurrence of fire or any trespassing on his or her smartphone. As per the prediction of Activate Tech & Media Outlook 2019, AI-powered cameras will have a substantial role to play in the ensuing years to revamp the security services empowering users to gain visual intelligence. Leveraging facial recognition technology these cameras can filter the entry and exit of people, and during an unexpected incident can forward automated alert to the user.

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The vulnerability of traditional door locking system has compelled the researchers to shift to digitalization to empower the user to control the doors through their smart devices or their face. These advanced door locking systems are adding a new horizon to the regular security structure.

Smart home keeps the owner updated regarding the situation of his home irrespective of his position. Today, enterprises have become more attentive toward the development of innovative solutions that can send accurate information to the owner during water leakage or fire. For example, D-Link has recently announced its Wi-Fi Water Sensor which leverages Google Assistant to inform the owner regarding the problem of a water leak.

A secure home has to ensure the security of the residents as well. The elderly people often spare time at home, but the younger generation does not get adequate information about their health. Ideally, at this point, cutting-edge technology enters the show enabling a son or a daughter to have proper knowledge about the health of their parents. CarePredict has recently launched an innovative solution that perfectly tracks the anomalies to ensure improved care for older people.

The idea of advanced home security is related to the concept of the deployment of smart homes which demand the proper combination of cutting-edge technology and the human mind, as a sound security system always keeps the owner connected to his home.

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