Managed Cloud Security Services to Increase Visibility

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The evolving cybersecurity threats have made the users of the cloud-platforms afraid, but in this competitive age, it is impossible to neglect the existence of the cloud. LogicMonitor's survey has pointed out that 83 percent of enterprise workloads will be directed to the cloud by 2020. So, the proper security of the cloud platform is essential to enjoy secure cyberspace and to address the need for security. Companies are spending a huge amount to do it. As a sequel to it, the global cybersecurity market has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years. For example, Microsoft spends $1 billion to research on different aspects of cybersecurity.

CyberInt, an important provider of cybersecurity solutions, has launched Managed Cloud Security Services to enable the companies to have improved visibility and control over their cloud environment. This cloud security services will serve different purposes, such as account management, infrastructure service, finding out misconfigurations in multi-cloud environments, and intelligence-powered services such as enhanced visibility and improved threat detection.

In this age of digitalization, companies are open to different and diversified cyber attacks, and CyberInt is aimed at providing sophisticated, multilayered, and real-time solutions to secure the cyberspace. Argos is a SaaS platform which provides automated detection and response to threat issue, and its MDR service which facilitates the tasks of top retail, telecommunication organizations, e-commerce, and finance has popularity across the globe. Protection of digital brand has enormous importance because hackers can destroy any brand stealing data of digital communications and assets. In this regard, CyberInt’s Digital Brand Protector plays an important role in securing digital communication, social media accounts, websites, and blogs.

This managed cloud security services will enhance visibility in a multi-cloud environment where data monitoring is complex, and this enhanced visibility will help companies to enjoy better control in this kind of complex environments. However, it is really a hindrance to align cloud infrastructure with internal guidelines, and regulation for the privacy of data makes the scenario more complex. Cybersecurity is a challenge, but whenever it comes to cloud, the whole game of security becomes tougher. Managed cloud security services will be helpful to diagnose and act against several security issues.

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