Cybersecurity: the Need of the Hour

Enterprise Security Magazine | Sunday, September 06, 2020

The dominance of the internet and cloud computing in today’s world has made organizations vulnerable to cyber attacks. The major concern seen in this crisis period is the shortage of cybersecurity experts.

Fremont, CA: From being unaccustomed with computers to living in a digitally connected world with millions of computers and other devices, we all have participated in a revolution. Today, almost every corner of the world can be accessed through the internet, making communication systems easier, faster, and larger. But this increased connectivity has brought along with it the baggage of multiple security issues.

An organization can face cyber threats and attacks through corrupted hardware, software, or internet links. The widespread use of cloud computing has contributed to the increased susceptibility to such attacks. A market analysis performed by Cisco indicates that the use of cloud technology will handle about 83 percent of all the data center traffic in the upcoming days, indicating a hike in cybercrime. Hence, it is crucial to focus largely on protecting the organization’s data from the attack of hackers.

The security costs

Whether a private one or a public one, no organization is safe. Survey reports show that 43 percent of organizations have been attacked by cybercriminals, where a large amount of their sensitive data has been lost or misused. Such attacks do not just incur capital losses but also compromise the reputation of the organization. It has been estimated from a study by IBM that these data breaches cost $3.62 million on an average.

Not just have the number of crimes increased, but their nature has changed significantly. Previously, hackers would generally target individuals, but current cybercriminals have started targeting large financial organizations, both public and private.

Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers in Europe - 2018 Importance of cybersecurity expertise in organizations

Organizations need to hire proficient cybersecurity experts to defend the company from the skilled attacks by cybercriminals. Skilled, well- qualified and trained professionals are an asset to the organization for defeating and safeguarding the companies from unauthorized access and other forms of cyberattacks.

Shortage in hiring security expertise

Surveys show that a significant number of job positions are vacant, despite an adequate budget, as there is a shortage of skilled candidates. It is predicted that around 3.5 billion job positions will be vacant due to the lack of candidates with up to date knowledge. The rate of filling up regular IT positions is 24 percent faster than that of security positions.

Bridging the gap through efficient training

There isn’t a particular training model that can be fully efficient to train the security candidates, but trainee centric models can be useful, comprising of full time teaching assistants’ availability, regular evaluation, and practical assignments.

Establishing a more secure cyber environment depends on the proficiency and adequacy of the security team. With every organization having a fair chance of cybersecurity threats from hackers spread ubiquitously across the globe, it is a mandate that this gap in skills is bridged swiftly and efficiently.

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