6 Types of Security Assessments for Enterprises

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Friday, May 28, 2021

The security assessment process is complex, crucial, and is one of the best ways of ensuring the security of an enterprise's infrastructure, system, devices, and applications.

FREMONT, CA: As today's software and hardware are more susceptible to security threats, hacking, it has become vital to reduce security breaches and use effective preventive measures to validate the security of an enterprise's network, applications, and infrastructure. Accomplishing this has been made easy by security assessment, which helps detect major risks and threats in infrastructure and enables one to take vital precautions to avoid security breaches. Hence, to help enterprises understand the significance of security evaluations, here is a detailed security assessment view and their types.

Vulnerability Assessment

A major security assessment type, vulnerability assessment, comprises identifying, quantifying, prioritizing, and classifying vulnerabilities and threats in a system or providing information to remediate them.

Penetration Assessment

A penetration test or pen test is a process of intentionally, yet securely, attacking the system and exploiting its security vulnerabilities to detect its weakness and strength. Pentest helps validate the effectiveness of several security measures deployed in the system and its adherence to security policies.

Red Team Assessment

Though quite similar to penetration assessment, red team assessment is more targeted. It identifies the vulnerabilities in the system and as gaps across an organization's infrastructure and defense networks. In short, this evaluation aims to test an organization's identification and response potentials.

Security Audit

A security audit is a wide and thorough overview of an enterprise's security systems and operations. It provides in-depth reviews of the system's physical attributes, identifies gaps in the security policies, and conducts vulnerability evaluations. This is an extremely vital type of assessment, as it validates conformance with security policies.

Risk Assessment

During this type of security evaluation, the team evaluated potential risks and hazards, wherein uncertainties and issues are presented to be considered by the management. Besides, it brings the present level of risks present in the system to the one that is acceptable to the organization through quantitative and qualitative models.

Threat Assessment

Threat assessment is the process of finding, assessing, managing serious threats, and determining their credibility and seriousness. It quantifies the probability of identified threats becoming a real risk. In short, this evaluation type is quite different from others, as it is more focused on physical attacks rather than making assumptions.

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