How to Effectively Prevent Data Breaches?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, January 07, 2022

As data breaches have become common for companies, it is necessary for them to level up their game and apply efficient policies to stop them.

FREMONT, CA: Since 2013, almost 15 billion data records have been lost or stolen. These days, such cases have become common all over the world. Companies are becoming victims to the data breach, which also leads to losing their reputation in the market and dealing with substantial financial damages.  

Top 10 Fraud and Breach Protection Solution Companies - 2019It can be difficult for companies to attract new customers or recover the existing consumers' loyalty after they go through a widely publicized breach. Organizations have to prove that it has applied the required safety measures to stop breaches in the future. However, protecting valuable data becomes more complicated when such breaches occur. Here are some methods through which the companies can avoid data breaches. 

Tried and Tested Incident Response Plan (IRP)

Companies must employ the incident response plan (IRP) as they are tested, retested, and then perfected. IRP can help organizations decrease the time which is generally required to detect and respond to a data breach. Moreover, one of the essential parts of IRP is to regularly backup the most valuable data and reduce the damage that the data breach can create. 

Strong Password Policy

One of the primary reasons cybercriminals can successfully conduct data breach is weak password policies. it will become a bit easy to stop the attackers of the password policies include a high level of complexity and regular rotation. If the users are not changing their passwords regularly, then the attackers can easily steal the credentials and access the compromised account. Companies must ensure that the passwords are lengthy, have numerous special characters, and the numbers and the capital letters must not be related to the users. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Companies must ensure that they have other methods ready to stop the criminals from accessing the systems if they manage to get hold of the credentials. Using multi-factor authentication will help enterprises because it will increase the level of protection and keep the data secured against any internal or external threats. There can be numerous forms of multifactor authentication, starting from simple security questions to biometric data.

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