ViewQwest: Melding Security into Stellar Connectivity

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Vignesa Moorthy, CEO, ViewQwestVignesa Moorthy, CEO
Digital transformation is sometimes akin to a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it paves the way to deploy new-age cloud-based services, edge computing, sophisticated connectivity solutions, and more. On the contrary, these initiatives can also result in greater cybersecurity risk, more complex data governance, regulatory compliance issues, and other challenges for organizations. Enterprises driving digital transformation will inevitably experience more traffic on their networks, creating wider opportunities for a potential data breach. While these risks are no reasons for an organization to abandon their transformation strategy, they still need the right approach that converges cloud readiness, networking, and security to achieve success.

It is at such a crossroads that ViewQwest—with its expertise and experience in global connectivity and managed network and security solutions—takes the reins as a trusted partner for these companies. Since 2001, the company has helped several businesses build & transform their network & security infrastructure and achieve their goals in the digital realm. “We believe in the convergence of networking and security and our goal is to help enterprises undertake this journey and reap its advantages,” says Vignesa Moorthy, CEO of ViewQwest. view west’s network security services have grown increasingly necessary in the COVID-19 economy, where the vast majority of employees work remotely from various locations. Currently, most companies aim to bridge the connectivity gaps between the organization and its employees first, before deploying a security solution into the network. With separate budgets to manage connectivity and security, firms incur substantial losses that could easily be avoided. However, ViewQwest adopts a secure-by-design approach where networking solutions have built-in malware protection and intrusion prevention functions to ensure that clients’ connectivity is secure and protected against cyber threats.

The company employs the same in its SD-WAN solutions “A frequent issue that companies encounter when implementing SD-WAN solutions is ensuring both high levels of network performance and security across all its edges,” says Moorthy. As a Managed SD-WAN service provider, ViewQwest guarantees network uptime, minimal latency and packet loss while also delivering state-of-the-art security solutions embedded in the network.

We believe in the convergence of networking and security and our goal is to help enterprises undertake this journey and reap its advantages

Where traditionally, enterprises would face exorbitant expenses to purchase different solutions to manage their network connectivity and security, ViewQwest provides both these services under a single roof. With its partner portfolio composed of global technology leaders, ViewQwest is able to provide the best options based on the unique needs of an enterprise.

Larger enterprises that are distributed over many locations are usually partnered with multiple vendors from different countries. This makes it tedious for organizations to communicate their needs to vendors, and companies are sometimes left to solve network issues themselves. ViewQwest steps in as a managed service provider that works as a single point of contact between the client and their vendors. The client relays their requirements to ViewQwest, and the telco company stays responsible for management during the last mile of SD-WAN solution implementation. “This approach differentiates our company from the average service provider who does not help the client manage their vendor relationships thereby adding on to the complexity,” says Moorthy.

ViewQwest’s partnership with an educational institution in Singapore is an excellent example of how the company melds optimal network connectivity with stellar security services. The client has over 300 branches spread throughout the country—each of which used a 10 Megabyte tail circuit to connect to a data centre. The data centre, directly connected to the internet, only had a North-South firewall as a security measure. However, when the organization planned to embark on their digital transformation by adopting several cloud applications into all their departments, they realized that their current circuits had low bandwidths and would severely hinder their productivity. When ViaWest came in to help, networks were quickly replaced with 100 Mbps circuits at each of the 300+ branches. Moreover, the circuits were managed under View west’s core network, allowing the company to use its private cloud to create an effective East-West security solution among all servers.

Although ViewQwest primarily operates in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the company also has a prominent presence in China and other Southeast Asian regions. By focusing on customers’ needs and not the technology or products, ViewQwest has consistently out manoeuvred larger telco companies and established itself as a trusted business partner by many enterprises.
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Vignesa Moorthy, CEO

ViewQwest is a regional telco & ICT services company with operations in Singapore (HQ), Malaysia & the Philippines. The company specializes in providing Global Connectivity, Managed Network and Managed Security solutions. It is a trusted partner of global Fortune 500 companies and top enterprises in SEA. Established in 2001, ViewQwest serves a wide range of industries and has helped many businesses build & transform their network & security infrastructure, securely move to the cloud, and achieve their digital agenda