Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers - 2018

In the current state that the world is, cybercrimes are a dime a dozen, with new attacks coming to light every other day. Digital Forensics looks at both the recovery of lost data as well as the actual investigation of the issues from the data that is found on digital devices. It uses highly sophisticated tools to track the origins of cyber attacks, with the ultimate aim of tracking the attack as it takes place or better still, preventing the attack from taking place at all.

With more and more organizations migrating to the cloud every day, it only further adds to the mounting risks. Digital Forensics is the need of the hour, and with the growing use of smartphones and BYOD policies in organizations, there will be a bigger role for digital forensics to play in the coming years. As a result, in the last few years, the number of Digital Forensics providers has increased owing to the rapid increase in the number of devices being used. Many verticals have also begun to adopt Digital Forensics services as they have begun to see the benefits of the solutions.

Our distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, industry analysts, and Enterprise Security Magazine editorial board have thoroughly analyzed the industry and recognized the key players. We present to you, Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Digital Forensics Solution Providers – 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
AccessData Helps law enforcement, government agencies, corporations and law firms around the world with digital forensics, incident response, legal review, compliance, auditing and information assurance
Atola Technology Develops hardware based evidence acquisition tools for global digital forensic markets
Business Intelligence Associates, Inc Assisting law firms in successfully managing and forensically analyzing data for lawsuits, regulatory matters, investigations and other matters
FireEye The leading network forensics provider that is stopping cyber attacks that easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses and compromise enterprise networks
IntaForensics Offers the highest quality independent digital forensic services to Law Enforcement and Commercial Organisations
Logicube Renders digital forensic imaging solutions with innovative design, high performance and technologically advanced features to address the challenges of digital forensic investigations
Precision Digital Forensics, Inc Managing today’s digital evidence and forensic accreditation challenges
Probity Provides software development, system integration, and systems engineering for government and national defense related clients
QDiscovery Designs flexible forensic and eDiscovery services to help client manage complex matters and reduce litigation expense
R3 Digital Forensics A full-service digital forensics firm with the expertise to quickly identify, recover, preserve and analyze relevant data to maximize investigative and evidentiary value