TachTech: Bringing Trust, Security, and Privacy in the Digital World

Organizations require the right talent while implementing a cybersecurity process or embarking on a digital transformation journey.

The issues pertaining to hiring and retaining the right people, however, stretch organizations outside of their core competencies and mission. And even when internal hiring is successful, capable employees who focus on day-to-day execution may neglect to develop well-defined programs and standard operating procedures that align with maturing business needs.

Enter TachTech.

TachTech offers the people, processes, and technology to design and deliver secure digital transformation and security programs as a service. The result is optimized execution, resource efficiency, ongoing program resiliency, proper reporting visibility, and reductions in risk and costs. The company’s security programs and managed services can be customized to fit every client’s unique and changing requirements.

“The most important step in developing and enriching trust with our customers is the priority we place on understanding our customers’ vision,” says Mark Williams, the CTO of TachTech. “We respond and align our efforts accordingly to ensure we’re delivering solutions that will achieve those outcomes while building the strong reputation of our brand.”

The resulting benefits include the successful adoption of new implemented technologies and solutions, but the greater value is in the achievement of clients’ business outcomes and the resulting maturity, scalability, and resiliency of their operations, security, and development practices. This is where TachTech is differentiated from its competitors.

Apart from helping address talent gaps in cybersecurity and digital transformation, TachTech’s Fractional CISO services assist young and maturing organizations in planning clearly defined, well-budgeted programs. Further, TachTech’s Secure DevOps Managed Program brings a proven consultative methodology to address and adapt to each client’s unique needs.
TachTech understands that clients often are challenged with prioritizing key exploitable vulnerabilities without disrupting the development lifecycle. TachTech solves this challenge by leveraging a mix of next-gen tools and years of operating production infrastructure. The company also offers Kubernetes Security, secrets management, secure infrastructure-as-code acceleration, managed SASE, and managed WAF services. They also offer several services on a professional services basis, such as secure DevOps assessment, threat modeling, cloud security strategy, enterprise security assessment, and penetration tests and vulnerability assessments.

“The most visible feedback we observe is the word of mouth that our customers share with their peers. This also extends to the vendors we work with and resell. TachTech has enjoyed a consistent growth since its founding in 2009, and we have been recognized as an Inc 500 fastest growing company five times in our history,” says Williams.

The most important step in developing and enriching trust with our customers is the priority we place on understanding our customers vision

TachTech’s Secure DevOps Managed Program helps unlock the power of a multitude of new, innovative, and disruptive technologies. While the DevOps and cloud security landscapes are producing technology solutions at breakneck speeds, the people and processes required to adopt these technologies into the enterprise landscape are lacking. Given this scenario, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for businesses to leverage best-in-class technology without a trusted partner.

To be that trusted partner and to differentiate from other services companies, TachTech aligns with opensource communities to develop differentiated intellectual property. The company uses open source as a core part of productized services, and its differentiated offerings are aligned with security best practices from key organizations, including the CNCF.
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San Francisco, California

Mark Williams, CTO

TachTech has fueled this growth by delivering industry-leading information technology consulting services that secure data, optimize operations, and help clients develop hybrid and cloud-native global IT programs that scale at record pace