Top 10 Security Consulting Companies - 2016

SecurityMetrics: Making Risk Assessment Framework for Businesses

CIO VendorBrad Caldwell, Founder & CEO
Events unfolded in the late 1990’s when Brad Caldwell recognized the requirement for an economical data security for the masses after his company's website was hacked. During those days there were only few organizations that were qualified to help his business and also were extremely high-priced. Caldwell then perceived that small firms were not only in need of modest forensic investigations, but required effective tools that prevent hacks in the primary position. This led to the foundation of the firm, SecurityMetrics. Since its inception, the company has grown from a small security company specializing in vulnerability assessment scans to a pioneer of data security and compliance solutions. Today, it is known for its prowess in helping customers by delivering them full advantage of mobile vulnerability, security consulting, scanning, security policies, card data discovery, PII data discovery, and breach protection services. SecurityMetrics has paved a distinct path through its focus to help companies comply with mandates like PCI DSS and HIPAA, and their innovative security tools, friendly customer support, and qualified expertise.

The Orem, UT based SecurityMetrics’s Perimeter Scan helps organizations spot external vulnerabilities on their network. This is specifically designed for large organizations that have more complex network configurations and IP ranges, requiring for a simplified form of scan management. Additionally, the Perimeter Scan enables businesses to be more flexible on grouping and creating target groups, giving them advanced options on bulk uploading and scanning. With the combination of several powerful scan engines and the usage of advanced scan technologies, SecurityMetrics scans engines work to spot the error in business network, web application, remote access, SQL injection and many other types of malicious attacks. Each scan gives a compact summary report with all the identified vulnerabilities. These Scan reports list out the target, vulnerability type, service (e.g., https, MySQL, etc.), and the complexity of each vulnerability level—whether it is low, medium, or high.

SecurityMetrics's Perimeter Scan helps organizations to spot external vulnerabilities on their network

It also helps users to achieve compliance with security standards and to stay up-to-date with unlimited rescanning and retesting. The scan engine also checks for external network weaknesses to avoid noncompliance fines through automated scanning.

With the use of Perimeter Scan organizations can stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals. The vulnerability scanning identifies the risks such as misconfigured firewalls, remote access vulnerabilities, malware hazards, and can be used for cyber security or compliance mandates like PCI DSS and HIPAA. By scanning the changes in the environment occurring frequently, the firm’s vulnerability assessment tools also aid users to add and remove their own targets through Perimeter Scan Portal to further simplify the process.

In order to help small businesses to efficaciously preserve their customer data, a team of engineers from the SecurityMetrics configures and maintains firewall rules based on their environments. Through a study of recent breaches, the firm’s team of forensic investigators analyzed that only 24 percent of investigated merchants had properly configured firewalls. To this need, the firm’s engineers analyze in detail and review logs, events, and notify the users when a potential threat is identified and pops out. The features of the managed firewall service include log analysis, firewall status events, and alerting. This may contain notifications of network traffic that is sent to known malicious sites on the Internet due to downloaded ransomware or malware.

With SecurityMetrics the security operations teams implement a predictive approach to security to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and insider threats within their organization. With a dynamic office atmosphere, the firm’s offerings continue to gain worldwide acceptance and aspires to be a rising tide in years to come.