Secureworks: The Ultimate Line of Defense in a New Era of Cyber Threats

Wendy K. Thomas, President and CEO, SecureworksWendy K. Thomas, President and CEO As IT infrastructures continue to grow in complexity within enterprise ecosystems, organizations are striving to create and maintain a cyber security framework to achieve effective cyber resilience. And with expanding attack surfaces, sophisticated threats, and more importantly, a large pool of point security solutions present in the infrastructure, the path to true cyber resilience is fraught with challenges. While point solutions can be effective for specific use cases, these discrete solutions often fail to fight adversaries at scale in a complex and highly dynamic cloud-native environment. Wendy K. Thomas, President and CEO of Secureworks, compared this scenario to a person buying a treadmill and automatically expecting to be healthier as a result. "Buying security products that react independently won't make any organization safe because they fail to provide visibility into the entire technology infrastructure," she says. The scenario gets more complex in the case of multi-vector attacks, where cybercriminals deploy threats across multiple entry points. This highly sophisticated approach may even go undetected as independent security solutions restrict visibility, which significantly impacts the efficiency and efficacy of security operations.

In this scenario, how can organizations improve their overall security posture?

Secureworks has the answer. A global leader in cybersecurity, Secureworks offers Taegis XDR, a cloud-native security analytics solution for Extended Detection and Response (XDR), built on 20+ years of real-world threat intelligence and research. The solution unifies multiple security products and enables customers to outpace and outmaneuver adversaries with precision. With Taegis XDR, organizations gain comprehensive visibility and control over their endpoints, network, and cloud environments. "We provide clients the holistic visibility they need to keep their assets secure," said Wendy.

Taegis combines automated detection, containment, and response capabilities with industry leading threat intelligence and incident response insights to improve security operations for customers. Even when security features— including passwords, multi-factor authentication, and patches fail— Taegis serves as the ultimate line of defense by proactively detecting backdoor cyber activities and containing them quickly. Such an approach enables customers to create a security perimeter, preventing cybercriminals from extracting the data through sophisticated methods, including ransomware.

Secureworks built Taegis as a cloud-native solution, complementing the customer’s existing infrastructure by correlating events from multiple security tools. More importantly, by covering a customer’s entire environment and reducing their total cost of ownership, the Taegis platform allows customers to maximize ROI quickly.

For Security Operations Professionals by Security Operations Professionals

Secureworks began its XDR journey as one of the leading managed security service providers in the market, protecting organizations across an expanding attack surface with complex risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. The company’s security operations professionals developed their own tools to provide visibility across enterprise environments, as well as to automate relevant security operations workflows. From there, they saw an opportunity to empower customers and the broader security community with these capabilities.

Buying security products that react independently won't make any organization safe

"Taegis was fundamentally an XDR platform before XDR was a thing," said Wendy. And today, with annual recurring revenue of over $100 million, Taegis has evolved into a trusted XDR platform for companies.

Cyber Security Management Made Simple

Secureworks delivers its XDR solution through three offerings: Taegis XDR, Taegis ManagedXDR, and Taegis VDR.

As a platform, Taegis XDR allows customers to take security into their own hands and transform the way their in-house security teams detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

According to Wendy, security teams of all sizes are overwhelmed by today’s expanding attack surfaces. Even large enterprises are impacted by the shortage of skilled and experienced staff who can proactively respond to threats. Taegis ManagedXDR directly addresses these challenges. As a managed security service delivered through the Taegis security analytics platform, Taegis ManagedXDR includes threat hunting and incidence response. While providing this service, Secureworks completely manages the technology and allows clients to collaborate with them fully.

Additionally, Secureworks provides a suite of consulting services, including incident management and response services to help customers both understand and respond to incidents, threats, attack techniques, and vulnerabilities. "Last year alone, our company undertook more than 1,400 incident response engagements," said Wendy. Secureworks synthesizes this information into new analytics and detectors to continuously improve the Taegis platform based on our deep understanding of the threat landscape.

Yet another takeaway of Taegis ManagedXDR is its ability to hunt for threats proactively in the customer’s environment. Customers can opt into different tiers of threat hunting as part of ManagedXDR, or perform threat hunting themselves using Taegis XDR directly.

Taegis VDR, on the other hand, is delivered as a part of Secureworks' efforts to automate and simplify vulnerability management. The solution can automatically identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for intelligent remediation. Unlike traditional vulnerability scanning and patching software, Taegis VDR patches the gaps in the customer’s environment by understanding the risk posed by vulnerabilities and the potential exploitability of the assets.

Fostering Collaboration in the Security Landscape

Secureworks knows that a single company alone cannot win the battle against cybercriminals. Organizations of all sizes and maturity levels are struggling with the difficulty of attracting and retaining security talent, while facing the growing security risks to their business. There are many managed technology services providers that have a need to provide integrated security services, as it is a natural adjacency for them, but they need a jump start. As such, Secureworks is helping to accelerate the development of security talent on a broader level by offering a Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP) program that takes everything Secureworks has learned and accomplished in its 20+ year history as a leading MSSP and provides it to partners, enabling them to deliver the same capabilities.
The program provides partners with the ability to deliver MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services on top of the Taegis XDR platform. Partners can leverage the experience of Secureworks' analysts who command expertise in all XDR capabilities for comprehensive coverage, detection, and response. In order to ensure the quality of its partners' services, Secureworks offers training and certificates upon onboarding.

The MSSP program allows Secureworks to address the skills gap—a problem that’s been looming over the cybersecurity landscape for a long time — with a unique approach. With several training and education programs to improve the skills and augment the operational excellence of its customers, Secureworks enables security professionals to work with confidence. Additionally, within the platform, MSSP providers are able to take advantage of Secureworks’ continuously updated threat intelligence and investigation capabilities built on 20 years of best practices to work more efficiently.

A Customer-Centric Approach

Even though security is one of the critical investment areas for every company today, many shy away from implementing a holistic security solution due to the unaffordable pricing structure. For that reason, Secureworks has made its solution cost-effective, offering a predictable pricing structure to customers based on the number of endpoints and includes 12-months of data storage in the base price. This allows customers to run an effective security program, that scales with their needs.

"We will stay with our customers in the fight against cybercriminals every day and help them improve their security postures"

Many customers have reaped the benefit of these measures. In one instance, a professional services firm struggling with malware in its infrastructure approached Secureworks for assistance. The cost associated with setting up and managing the SIEM was extremely high for the customer, as they had distinct security needs. After understanding the customer's challenges, Secureworks stepped in and deployed Taegis XDR. The platform helped the customer successfully automate and expand their threat detection capabilities with real-time updates via the cloud. The real benefit was yet to come: the customer could enhance the security posture of their infrastructure without employing a separate team. In a nutshell, Secureworks helped the customer close all the doors to attacks with just a third of the cost that it had been paying earlier.

Such success stories stem from Secureworks' technological prowess and experience in addressing the complex security challenges of its customers. In fact, this experience gives them a thorough understanding of repetitive workflows, investigations, alerts, security playbooks, and more. The company leverages this knowledge to enhance its platform continually.

Turning the Tides

Going forward, Secureworks wants to deepen its focus on securing human progress via innovative, battle-tested security solutions. In order to accomplish this mission, the company continues to expand its Taegis portfolio and augment the platform with new features. Recently, Secureworks introduced two products, Taegis NGAV and ManagedXDR Elite, aimed at boosting customers' cyber security resilience. While the former offers next-generation endpoint threat prevention, the latter focuses on providing continuous managed threat hunting.

Moving ahead, Secureworks plans to expand its global reach by partnering with a new generation of MSSPs. While doing so, the company wants to evolve with its customers and demonstrate their ability to stay ahead of the security game. "We will stay with our customerss in the fight against cybercriminals every day and help them improve their security postures," said Wendy.
- Russell Thomas
    November 18, 2021
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Wendy K. Thomas, President and CEO

Secureworks' Taegis XDR platform enables customers and partners to outpace and outmaneuver adversaries with more precision. Taegis XDR acts as unified security incident detection and response platform capable of consolidating multiple security products. With Taegis, organizations can gain comprehensive visibility and control over their endpoints, network, and cloud environments. As a result, Secureworks can detect and respond to more and real threats faster