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Martin Savitt, CEO, SecureAuthMartin Savitt, CEO
Identity is now the tip of the spear in the war on cyberattacks. In the new era of digital transformation and the gig economy, identity sprawl is a reality for organizations. Secure access for all identities — workforce and customers — is not optional, it’s a requirement for all organizations. Fueled by the dynamic threat intelligence from their Intelligent Identity Cloud service, SecureAuth offers the most adaptive authentication risk checks on the market today, ensuring alignment of access security to your risk tolerances, risk appetites and the way you do business. While secure access is a must, disrupting users to achieve it cannot be part of the equation. The cost of a poor experience can be measured in lost workforce productivity as well as lost engagement and revenue from your customers. Consumers will quickly move on if the online or digital experience is difficult to navigate or slows them down too much. In this digital age, businesses are under tremendous pressure to deliver both a seamless and personalized login experience without burdening the users by requiring them to create and memorize complex passwords. Only SecureAuth ensures no unnecessary compromise exists between security and user experience by offering a full breadth of options to deliver the exact right user experience every time for all workforce and consumer identities, everywhere.

The SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud delivers out-of-the-box functionality that enables highly flexible and highly secure experiences for every identity, without the need for cumbersome implementations and integrations with third party services. The cloud-based service immediately provides key building blocks to enhance your identity management program and employs a big-data approach to identity intelligence, improving identity security by clearly identifying legitimate users and stopping bad actors.

We adhere to the FIDO2 standard that makes it quick and easy to manage the authentication by handling the password behind the scene and removing the human element from the process

With the customizability of their solution, the company has earned the appreciation of several satisfied customers from various industries such as utilities, retail, and public sector. In one instance, SecureAuth helped a healthcare provider that was struggling with the access requests to medical records. They wanted to secure their electronic transfer of medical records with varying levels of accessibility to contractors, employers, or insurers but, at the same time, didn’t want to put any barriers that hinder users (especially practitioners) from immediately addressing a medical emergency. SecureAuth added an alphanumeric method to its solution, which further enabled users to check symbols on their device, match options, and gain access. This made working on the system easier and faster as it eliminated the need to type the one-time code. In another instance, a life science company had numerous login journeys with different security requirements for employees and partners. They needed to provide a separate access experience for both employees and partners based on different security requirements rather than rely on a single workflow. With its full-stack access management solution, SecureAuth allowed the firm to ensure the seamless movement of employees and partners without having the need to enter the password every time they moved around.

With many such stories up their sleeves and a vast customer base in the North American region, the company is currently looking forward to extending its footprints in Europe and the Asia Pacific. SecureAuth is continually focusing on the flexibility of dynamic identity journeys and bringing continuous authentication into its solution portfolio. Following the continuous adaptive risk and trust assessment (CARTA) by Gartner, the company is expanding its ability to craft a smooth login journey by continually assessing different as well as changing risk factors to ensure secured access without interrupting the users. “We are trying to bring a centralized policy for online fraud, identity proofing, and behavioral biometrics to enhance the user experience,” says Ulery.
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Martin Savitt, CEO

SecureAuth provides the most flexible and adaptable identity and access management solution to secure all workforce and customer identities everywhere: hybrid, on-prem, and cloud. Leading organizations use the SecureAuth® Identity Platform to secure access for everyone and everything that connects to their business. SecureAuth helps reduce threat surface, enable user adoption and meet business demands by delivering a frictionless user experience that drives engagement and productivity