Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution Companies - 2018

Robotics Assistance Devices (RAD): Leading the Paradigm Shift of Commercial Security

CIO VendorSteve Reinharz, Founder and CEO
As a teenager, Steven Reinharz was like no other; he was 19 when he wrote a book on AI before starting his career in the security landscape. As a strategic leader in global enterprises for over 20 years, Reinharz envisioned the power of AI and robotics for aiding security. During his engagement with NVIDIA, Reinharz started developing the first outdoor rugged robot and put together a talented and capable team to begin the next-generation of security practices. The result was Robotics Assistance Devices (RAD), an innovator of AI-based robotic security solutions for boosting business efficiency and strengthening safety.

The security marketplace is massive and divulges across two distinct pathways: manned guarding industry and physical security—cameras and access controls. Organizations struggle to fortify business operations and improve performance at reduced costs in both these cases. RAD has emerged as a paradigm changer as they have concocted advanced hardware and software solutions from the ground up to create a new converged industry vertical for improving industrial security. What’s most interesting is that “our platform consists of AI-powered stationary and patrolling robots that optimize security throughout the enterprise at a fraction of the cost than any human or automated solution in the market,” says Steve Reinharz, founder and CEO of RAD. “Our converged devices perform high-frequency duties from both verticals, bundled with modern cloud and mobile technology to fulfill security and monitoring needs.”

RAD offers an intelligent guarding solution, the Robotic Security platform that consists of unique software and systematic monitoring devices. The portfolio of devices begins with the Security Control and Observation Tower or SCOT—a 6' 8" robot that can be stationed anywhere with cellular coverage. Loaded with cameras and sophisticated sensors, SCOT takes 15 minutes to be configured onsite, and it becomes self-sustained for 15 days before its battery needs a replacement. The device performs perimeter surveillance where stationed human guards are expensive.

Our platform consists of AI-powered stationary and patrolling robots that optimize security throughout the enterprise at a fraction of the cost than any human or automated solution in the market

One of the other devices from the RAD lineup, Wally, a wall-mounted version of SCOT supplements security guards operating in locations like building lobbies, elevators, and other corporate structures. RAD provides another powerful device, FRED, an acronym for Facial Recognition Entry Device, used at entryways and access gates of customers’ facilities. One hour is all it takes for a user to go through the basic personalized training to reap the benefits of the platform.

RAD’s clientele hails from a multitude of industries— corporate enterprises, transportation, and healthcare to name a few. With customized and easy-to-use solutions, RAD has created numerous success stories. For instance, a large organization in the U.S. was having issues with one of their remote facilities getting tagged with graffiti. Instead of planting a guard to secure the location 24/7, the customer chose RAD that positioned SCOT on-premise, and within 15 minutes, the robot was in action. Two days later, SCOT alerted the security team after it spotted a suspect who was later caught with a spray-paint-can in possession. Since then, SCOT remains on location, and the client has been terminating similar problems permanently at lesser costs than other legacy solutions.

Sprinting ahead in full steam, RAD is all set to launch a new robot, the RADBOT Rugged, which will mark their return to the outdoor moving security robots category. With a client base spread across the U.S. and Canada, RAD is always ready to assist more clients and counter stronger challenges in the times ahead.