Resecurity: Absolute Protection through Tailored Intelligence

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Gene Yoo, CEO, ResecurityGene Yoo, CEO
In the war against cybercrime, the adversaries do not follow a playbook that outlines every strategy for them. Following a dynamic model and possessing innovative toolsets for complicated purposes, the enemy is armed to the teeth. It only makes sense that enterprises must also be equipped with a similar armada, if not a better one, in order to keep the foes at bay. There’s always a reason to worry about the one weak moment of vulnerability, which could be during a sudden business expansion, a merger, or even while undergoing a digital transformation. It only takes one user to make a mistake to compromise the whole network and let the enemy in. Instances like these demand the need for a deep level of intelligence-driven solutions.

Although many effective solutions address issues like attack surface management, ransomware, and more, they merely brush the surface, but the problems are bigger than that. Solutions that provide accurate information about the source and origin of the attack and appropriate countermeasures become a necessity. Resecurity, a California-based cybersecurity company, has been fighting this battle by delivering a unified platform for endpoint protection, risk management, and threat intelligence for large enterprises and government agencies worldwide. “We are the drones outside the castle, collecting relevant information, and addressing the threats,” says Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity. The company’s unified security platform leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to create tailor-made solutions that counter threats and mitigate the damage effectively.

Resecurity offers a plethora of services like digital forensics, managed threat detection, and intelligence services to monitor and eradicate cyber threats 24x7. The company’s cyber intelligence threat platform Context filters relevant data out of the massive raw forensic data collected from all over the world and enables companies to contextualize upcoming threats fully.

The digital risk monitoring platform Risk provides unparalleled risk management through automation, and an endpoint platform serves as a surface shield. This perfect trifecta provides maximum security to enterprises through cutting-edge technology with the added advantage of the expert team of security analysts working at Resecurity.
“Our taxonomy of products and services protects our client’s end-to-end ecosystem when it comes to cyber threats,” remarks Yoo.

The truly distinguishing factor of Resecurity’s cybersecurity platforms is the ability to provide tailored intelligence specific to the client’s security issues rather than serving as a cookie-cutter solution. It doubles as a workbench for operators to work with high-level security personnel, fraud risk assessors, money laundering risk assessment, and other risk management teams to hunt threats based on relevant intelligence. “We try to connect all the dots together, combining ancillary telemetry, IOCs, Passive DNS, network services, and bring all of that together into a single point,” states Yoo.

The biggest problem faced by clients of security firms is a difficulty in understanding, administering and maintaining new solutions, which often takes weeks. However, while onboarding the Resecurity platform, an hour of knowledge transfer is all it takes to get the security systems up and running without the hassle of a rigorous learning phase.

“We are the drones outside the castle, collecting relevant information, and addressing the threats,” says Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity.

Catering to elites like AFCEA International, GAAR, InfraGard, and NDIA, Resecurity has been addressing global issues like terrorism, child protection services, global threat assessments, and more. During the 2018 winter Olympics, Resecurity was able to identify and address the threats during the infamous cyber-attack, pinpointing the real perpetrators and minimizing damage.

Further illuminating Resecurity’s future, Yoo mentions how the company is all set to launch its new platform, which will have endpoint detection and response, advanced endpoint protection, and different functionalities rolled into one. The new platform will be able to understand and adapt to any new change in the cyber threat landscape. The organization has widened its safety net beyond Europe to Africa and Latin America as well. He credits the company’s success to the data it has been able to collect, rather than the platform itself. “The beauty of what we do lies in the data, and using this data, we build specific solutions that solve business problems, address cyber threats and technical issues thereby protecting the entire enterprise ecosystem,” concludes Yoo.
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Los Angeles, California

Gene Yoo, CEO

Resecurity is a cybersecurity company that delivers a unified platform for end point protection, risk management, and threat intelligence for large enterprises and agencies worldwide. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with the expert aid of security analysts from Resecurity, enterprises can obtain intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions to enable 24/7/365 comprehensive protection against emerging cyber threats and security challenges. The unified platform provides contextual data, digital risk management, and surface level protection at all times, assuring maximum security at all times. Resecurity's taxonomy of products and services protects their client’s end-to-end ecosystem when it comes to cyber threats