Reflectiz: Revolutionizing the Approach toward Digital Security

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Idan Cohen, Co-founder and CEO, ReflectizIdan Cohen, Co-founder and CEO
In today’s digitally connected world, it’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of websites. They serve as a scalable means for getting a brand out in the open and establishing a business as a trusted authority. Integrating third-party tools and digital applications to these sites makes them more interactive, dynamic, and better connected. Those applications—in the form of interactive bots, user engagement widgets, cloud storage providers, trackers, social media buttons, analytic tools, advertisements, and more—also bring better functionality for customers and enable organizations to monetize their business and generate more revenues.

However, on the contrary, these third-party tools open businesses up to a world of risk that isn’t always accounted for. Because third-party scripts come from a various sources in a business’ supply chain, the attack surface for web-facing applications has become significantly larger and challenging to protect! Besides, the fact that only a few companies have the resources to fight these risks adds layers to an already complex issue.

Thus, the looming question here is, what should companies do differently to tackle these risks while also ensuring that they do not end up compromising their critical information systems and sensitive customer data?

Businesses needs a dedicated solution that mitigates security and privacy blind spots on websites by detecting vulnerabilities and security issues and provides real-time automated alerts. “This is what we, at Reflectiz, do,” says Idan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Reflectiz, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based firm that provides an advanced namesake website security solution, enabling businesses to stay safely in control over their websites, digital services, and online assets. Reflectiz’s non-intrusive SaaS solution facilitates a fully automated and dedicated process that protects a company’s website and seamlessly analyzes it. In addition, the monitoring process is completely transparent and does not affect website performance. In other words, with enhanced third-party inventory and on-going behavioral analysis for websites, Reflectiz identifies even the most unexposed vulnerabilities and risks, providing organizations maximum visibility.

So, how does Reflectiz do this?

The website-sandbox solution initially identifies all third-party applications running on a website and creates a first digital inventory. This is followed by analyzing the behaviors and the security of third-party applications. The software then maps the locations of all the third parties and the data traversing between their domains. This helps mitigate third-party security and privacy risks from day one.

By scanning an entire website without adding a single line of installed code, our software allows companies to gain full control over their site digital security issues, prevent attacks before they happen, and enable business requests while also complying with new data privacy regulations

“By scanning an entire website, our software allows companies to gain full control over their site security issues, privacy concerns, third-party partners, integration processes, and more. Just name the site, and in less than 10 minutes, you will gain full visibility and a list of detected issues to mitigate,” asserts Cohen.

What sets Reflectiz a cut above the rest is the fact that it requires no prior setup or installation. This eliminates extra costs, the need for a long implementation process, a lot of IT resources, the pain of installing a tool and managing it, and privacy, performance, and compliance concerns of integrating with multiple vendors, saving businesses from unnecessary headaches. Furthermore, the client onboarding process takes less than a few weeks. Another notable aspect of the firm is they are agile and place clients at the heart of everything they do. “We can adapt to any new challenge, handle risks more effectively, and make sure that our clients are always one step ahead of any new threat,” remarks Cohen.

The recent state of affairs has made it difficult for companies around the globe to maintain their course efficaciously. The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizations to add new technologies to ensure their survival, especially third-party codes, which are an integral part of any website. In many cases, this has given rise to a ‘catch-22’ scenario. With Reflectiz, business leaders can take control of their website and keep it safe from third-party risks, client-side threats, and supply chain attacks—all remotely while staying in the comfort of their homes. “No matter what the situation is, we can solve various use cases a business may have,” adds Cohen. In fact, Reflectiz saw an increased demand in the last year, which boosted the solution’s sales and helped the company create traction in the market.

The firm’s plans for the future include expanding its offerings’ ability to ensure the safety of websites and provide full security coverage of digital assets that a business has. “We want to go from a website focused solution to all digital assets,” asserts Cohen. Alongside, the company is looking to invest more of its efforts in the North American and Western Europe regions. With such well-thought-out visions for the future, Reflectiz is changing the way people approach third-party applications to create a safer digital environment for organizations and users alike!
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Tel Aviv, Israel

Idan Cohen, Co-founder and CEO

Offers a website-sandbox solution that mitigates the risk of digital apps on websites