Nisos: Offering Elevated Threat Intelligence Capabilities

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People tend to think of intel data feeds as intelligence, but data is not information, and information is not intelligence. Data is the collection of raw facts, while information is the logical grouping of contextualized data. Intelligence is more than that. It must be actionable and it must help drive decisions,” says David Etue, the CEO of Nisos

In most cases, security and intelligence teams lack actionable intelligence, which leaves them ill-equipped to combat motivated adversaries. The threat intelligence market is focused on cybersecurity and large, generically-aggregated data lakes.

This global collection approach, followed by an AI and ML analysis that looks at trends and correlations, can provide insight into known, widespread threats. However, this approach lacks the perspective necessary to detect threats specific to the individual organization, identify previously unseen tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and deliver true intelligence.

"The Company Fuses Intelligence With Expert Investigative Tradecraft To Identify And Disrupt Threats Before Harm Occurs"

The solution is to combine multi-source intelligence filtered down to client-specific data and then bolster that data with expert analysis to deliver intelligence specific to an organization— exactly what Nisos operationalizes.

Nisos Managed Intelligence has elevated threat intelligence capabilities to deliver client-specific threat intelligence as an analyst-led managed service. The company helps businesses identify, analyze, and remediate threats across physical and cyber intelligence domains.

“Our services support cybersecurity, corporate security, trust and safety, physical security, and corporate reputation teams with finished threat intelligence to enable smarter defense and informed response to threats,” says David Etue, the CEO of Nisos.
Using proprietary technology and numerous datasets, Nisos delivers tailored intelligence with specific insights into targeted adversary behavior—not vague or generalized threat data or feeds.

The company fuses intelligence with expert investigative tradecraft to identify and disrupt threats before harm occurs. The combination of the breadth of Nisos’ datasets and tools, tech-enabled processes, and the adversarial mindset of its analysts allows them to discover and analyzes tthreats, threat actors and threat groups, as well as their motivations, and intended outcomes. The combination is critical to achieving the actionable insight required to properly prevent and respond to threats. When necessary, Nisos investigators attribute and unmask adversaries so clients or law enforcement can pursue appropriate action.

Our services support cybersecurity, corporate security, trust and safety, physical security, and corporate reputation teams with finished threat intelligence to enable smarter defense and informed response to threats

Nisos’ threat intelligence covers a wide range of threats. Most of its clients are next-generation technology organizations or global Fortune 500 companies, and Nisos help them in tracking down and stopping ransomware actors, identifying and attributing individuals threatening violence against executives and company facilities, and unmasking and locating individuals stealing and selling intellectual property on the dark web. In other cases, Nisos has identified nation-state actors using platforms and services to disseminate disinformation and misinformation and unmasked individuals that have reverse engineered and exploited popular e-commerce and gig economy applications.

As cyber operators and intelligence professionals in the U.S. Government, Nisos’ founders routinely noticed corporations that represented the backbone of our society were falling victim to sophisticated threat actors. These adversaries were traversing the digital and physical planes with ease, using opportunistic and targeted attacks to disable systems, foster distrust, and cause harm. Nisos was formed to support intelligence professionals who needed unmatched actionable multi-source intelligence that disrupts adversarial operations. Today, the company is at the forefront of a rapidly growing managed intelligence market and is proud to count some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated companies among its clients.
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Nisos is The Managed Intelligence Company. Its services enable security, intelligence, and trust & safety teams to leverage a world-class intelligence capability tailored to their needs and fuses robust data collection with a deep understanding of the adversarial mindset delivering smarter defense.