Zenoss Partners With Google To Enhance Cloud Supervising Capabilities

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, February 07, 2020

Zenoss has partnered with Google for adding new capabilities to its platform to enhance the experience of users of moving from on-premises to cloud-based monitoring.

FREMONT, CA: Zenoss, an intelligent application and service monitoring provider, has recently declared the updates to cloud-based IT monitoring. The new capabilities are designed for helping the customers in automating the transition to cloud-based IT monitoring. The updates will allow the organization’s clients to voluntarily add resources that they store in the cloud to their monitoring platform. This enables them to supervise both of their on-premise systems as well as cloud environments via migration in a unified view.

For achieving these capabilities, Zenoss has integrated with Google for assisting the clients of the Google Cloud in accelerating the procedure of shifting from an on-premise monitoring environment to cloud monitoring. These functions will help the users in reducing migration times, automating the migration of resources, auditing the changes between monitoring environments, and exporting the configuration changes as required. When it comes to supervising IT services and systems, Zenoss fuses these capabilities with legacy on-premise supervising functionality and assists its customers in covering all the bases. 

Modern enterprises are constantly facing the requirement to have a precise and better understanding of the balance between the on-premise resources and the cloud. Zenoss Cloud allows the customers to get unprecedented insights into their hybrid IT environments.

Zenoss offers full stack monitoring and AUIos, machine learning-powered analytics, and integrating data collection for creating dynamic real-time models of IT applications and services. The clients get the privilege of optimizing their application performance regardless of the environment they are launched in, i.e., traditional on-premise environment or a complicated multi-cloud deployment. The platform of the company administers the immediate mainspring analysis for identifying the place and cause of the problems along with predicting the application health and availability issues. Zenoss supports in-depth supervising of Google Compute Engine and Good Kubernetes Engine, and also full supervising capabilities for web services of Amazon and Azure platforms. 

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