XcooBee Launches Email Guard to Protect the Personal Email Address

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, March 26, 2020

With the help of the Email Guard and XcooBee app, users can keep track and take control of their email inbox access.

FREMONT, CA: XcooBee has announced that it has launched the Email Guard, an online privacy protection tool for individual email accounts.  

XcooBee is a private network that was formed with a task to protect the digital rights and privacy of the consumers and businesses alike. The release of the product is based on the analysis by reviewing the process and psychology of email use, and building a tool that will reduce the anxiety that most users feel while passing their email addresses.

Emails have become a primary source in consumers' lives, the launching of the Email Guard will change the attitude towards email.

With the help of the Email Guard and XcooBee app, users can keep track and take control of their email inbox access. This is done by, creating an alternate email address and then linking this into their email, these emails are then redirected securely with the help of XcooBee to their inboxes.

It helps the consumers to create unlimited alternate link-emails and control who can reach them. Resulting in bringing confidence in giving out Email Guardaddress without worrying about long-term abuse and loss of control.

Email Guard is designed with excellent features that allow users to control which incoming email domain can reach them. Since the consumers can delete the email addresses anytime, no harm is done to the consumers when the Email Guard address is marketed to data-brokers. In addition to this, the Email Guard comprises all the standard security elements like virus checks, type verification, expiration, and origin controls are present as well. 

Email Guard helps the users to sent mail without any hesitation. The anxiety and stress regarding this situation were reduced by using the product by XcooBee. XcooBee is one of the best in the industry for providing privacy by challenging business models powered by the users giving away their privacy. 

XcooBee enables serenity to businesses looking to comply with new privacy rules, such as GDPR in Europe or the upcoming CCPA in California. As more countries adopt laws to protect their citizen’s privacy, using Email Guard by XcooBee will lead to a competitive advantage.

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