WitFoo Partners with CyberOpz

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, May 06, 2021

WitFoo has partnered with CyberOpz, a cybersecurity solutions firm, to provide Precinct as a service to its customers.

FREMONT, CA: WitFoo, the top-most intelligent SECOPS platform powered by big data analytics, has partnered with CyberOpz, a cybersecurity solutions firm, to provide Precinct as a service to its customers.

"In addition to delivering a robust SECOPS platform, Precinct provides a key component to affordable Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance, making it an ideal solution to offer our customers," said Pete Clay, managing partner of CyberOpz. "We're excited to partner with WitFoo and build on our momentum as we exit the stealth mode of our business."

"From the 2013 Target breach to the 2020 SolarWinds supply chain compromise, the importance of holding vendors responsible for their cybersecurity hygiene has been repeatedly reinforced," said Charles Herring, CTO of WitFoo. "The launch of CMMC by the US Department of Defense is the most aggressive step in delivering sustainable supply chain cybersecurity to date. CMMC is making cybersecurity health a core requirement of business, and partners like CyberOpz are making the transformation painless so organizations can focus on their core business."

As a result of this agreement, CyberOpz will use Precinct in conjunction with other security services to provide customers with a 24-hour assurance to recover from the attack of ransomware. "CyberOpz's ransomware resilience guarantee is uniquely impressive, and we're thrilled to be a part of the solution that delivers upon that promise," said Tim Bradford, CEO of WitFoo. "Protecting against extortion via ransomware requires a multi-pronged approach of disaster recovery, sophisticated detection and timely response. The products, services, and knowledge of CyberOpz empower their customers to rest easy as cybercriminals do their worst. We couldn't be more excited to be working with CyberOpz, and we're glad to see the continued success of our growing channel program."

The cybersecurity complexity is taken away by CYBEROPZ's team of qualified security engineers and CISOs. They work with businesses in various industries to help them comply with cybersecurity regulations and strengthen their cybersecurity programs.