Wide Range of Security Solutions through Kaspersky's Single Platform

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

With growing companies, there is an increase in the number of attackers targeting companies' data, finance, and reputation. Kaspersky Labs, the security vendor, warns companies of such threats that are now entering the corporate world. In recent years, cyber attackers have become sophisticated, capable, and brave, and their actions have led to a number of complex and well-performed assaults. Emails that contain no hyperlinks or malicious attachments can be more complicated to detect and only rely on social engineering to trick their objectives.

Due to the growing virtualization of servers that lead to new network security solutions, the global network security market is continually expanding. Small and medium-sized enterprises are also making increasing use of network security solutions. However, these solutions are not sufficiently efficient to address today's dynamic and malicious threat landscape, and companies must embrace new safety practices such as ETM to detect and remedy sophisticated, sturdy and damaging security breaches. NETMONASTERY NSPL, based in Mumbai, supports companies to secure their networks and applications through real-time risk detection.

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DNIF, a NETMONASTERY product, the next SIEM Platform to leverage big data analytics and machine learning to offer complete visibility, is joining forces to provide comprehensive security solutions for the network. SOC teams with a powerful threat hunting platform enable them to collect real-time data from the network infrastructure and to detect abnormal and malicious behavior automatically, validate and respond effectively to cyber threats.

CNAM, a platform for identifying attackers and offering it to customers in a Pay-as-you-Grow model, helps clients detect real attackers in real time through their leading product. CNAM detects gateway attacks, correlates threat data to devices, operating systems, and application servers, and uses trend information in real time to closely integrate attacks with customer applications. As a blend of tools, technology, processes, and people, CNAM delivers a retainer to the customer every month and is responsible for detection accuracy to relieve the customer from all the pain of a safety operation. CNAM also protects customer privacy through the processing of all customer information collected on the perimeter of the company itself.  The dedicated model offers the greatest possible customization, a feature that is used for unimaginable benefits by NETMONASTERY support options. CNAM also has the expertise to manage the system’s accuracy and efficiency.

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