Why Your Approach to Cybersecurity Needs to Be Proactive Rather Than Reactive

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 30, 2018

Cybersecurity is as essential as engineering a unique product suite and enterprises today simply can’t afford to overlook security. Going by the age-old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’, organizations should implement cybersecurity measures by foreseeing the near future and with the intent of shielding exponentially growing enterprise data from external threats. Unfortunately, many enterprises globally have just been implementing security measures after being jolted by breaches that have caused severe damage to confidential enterprise data. Implementation of traditional measures like firewalls and antivirus won’t suffice either in curbing threats today since the complexity of cyber attacks is consistently amplifying every day.  Many industry veterans opine that enterprises operating in a relatively traditional environment need to embrace the cloud and transport crucial data to a virtual infrastructure, rather than relying on private data centers.

 Such an approach is not only instrumental in preventing data losses caused due to unfortunate events such as disasters but authenticates users and enables only privileged access, thus preventing the possibility of attacks by a great extent.  Migration to the cloud is also a futuristic move since data growth is exponential and a cloud model can accommodate data expansion effortlessly and also eliminates the need for additional infrastructure. Training employees about the nature of cyber threats plaguing enterprises today, as well as enlightening them about the best practices that can keep them at bay should ideally be a part of an organization’s work culture. Indulging in such practices help in the prevention of anomalies considerably.  A large number of organizations these days have been in pursuit of cybersecurity solution vendors these days to help them build virtual fortresses that prevent intrusions. Thus, enterprise bosses have been making significant investments in amplifying data security foreseeing the many benefits it can offer n the near future.