Why Smart Applications have Become a Threat to the Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, January 27, 2020

Data breach has become extremely common in Enterprises these days. Here are some of the popular threats that enterprises have to endure.

FREMONT, CA: By using enterprise mobility, the employees get the opportunity to complete their jobs from anyplace with the help of several devices and applications. In recent times enterprise mobility solutions use various technologies such as cloud process, management software, mobile app, web process, and many more. The use of multiple tools generates an IT infrastructure in the company, thus helping the teams to get access to the data and information from their office desktop, tablet, and smartphones. When a company applies the enterprise mobility solution, it automatically boosts the productivity of the employees. However, according to some of the employees, they do not get access to the necessary data while completing their job using their smartphones because of security concerns. Therefore, to reduce the security challenges, the companies are taking strict steps by restricting the users to get access to sensitive data from their devices.

Recently the rate of cybercrimes has also increased due to which many organizations have become its victim. The enterprise mobility infrastructures have also become vulnerable because of several security breaches and other cyber attacks. Therefore, the companies need to protect their sensitive data information from the below given three security threats.

Device Loss or Theft

Top Enterprise Security Consulting/Services StartupsAs enterprise mobility has started approving BYOD, the trend is also increasing rapidly, and employees are carrying their own smart devices to the companies. The storage capacity of the tools starts from 34GB to 64GB, and due to this, a massive amount of data can be stored in it. Therefore, if an employee loses their device or is stolen, the company can also lose a considerable amount of money, and due to this, they are taking precautions so that immediate damage control can be done in such situations. 

Mobile applications

Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential part of human life. People use the mobile app for everything, starting from the entertainment business, gaming, or health. But, when a user installs these applications in their smartphone, they have to provide access to the gallery, contact information, mails, and many others. Therefore, by permitting it, the users create an unauthorized path for the cybercriminal in the world of enterprise mobility infrastructure.

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