Why Mobile Security Threats is a Major Concern for the Companies

Enterprise Security Magazine | Thursday, November 19, 2020

The issues related to cybersecurity are becoming a significant concern for companies as mobile devices increase.

FREMONT, CA: Today, most businesses have shifted to mobile devices as they are using to check emails, downloads, and share files. Mobile devices even play an essential role in connecting with customers and providing engaging experiences.

Even though mobile devices offer several benefits to businesses, it has become a crucial target for cybercriminals. According to mobile-security research, in the past few years, most cybercrimes happened due to mobile-related compromises. Security has become a significant concern for businesses in every industry. Here are some of the top threats which the companies must worry about.


The social engineering attack might come as an email from a co-worker or a message developed to look like an official announcement. The messages might prompt the user to take some specific actions through which the attackers can gain the login credentials.

To protect the businesses from such techniques, the companies must prepare the employees by holding training sessions. Such sessions will teach them about suspicious behaviors and the steps they must take to prevent them. Taking such extra measures will add a defense system against a breach.


Cryptojacking can occur when the attackers utilize a compromised device's processing power, which can be a graphics processor or CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. The cybercriminals can use the cryptocurrencies to purchase or directly exchange with government currency. This type of attack can exhaust the device's battery power. It can even create severe downtime and disrupt businesses.

Cryptojacking is a new type of threat, and some steps can be taken to protect the business from it. The companies have to make sure that they have a strong password policy, avoid utilizing the same password repeatedly and change every default device password. The mobile device management system can help the organization by providing lockdown of stolen, compromised, and lost devices and plugging holes with patch updates.

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