Why is Multi-Factor Authentication Important in Businesses?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The companies must use multi-factor authentication so that the IT teams can work efficiently and increase the security of the systems.

FREMONT, CA: It has become necessary for IT to serve as in-house brokers for the on-demand services to help the business grow. It is essential because the IT manager already has many tasks and priorities necessary to take care of. Furthermore, they also have to maintain the network, keep it running, and fulfill the competing requests from the departments within various organizations. It is necessary to think strategically about supporting the growth of the business and maintain its security.

The IT teams have to install antivirus software, raise the firewall, apply encryption technology, and regularly run vulnerability tests. But in reality, if the multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not accurately placed, then the other security measures can be evaded. The best solution for the IT managers is to classify their systems so that they can identify the ones that have access to information related to business and then add MFA on those. MFA is not complicated, due to which it becomes easy to apply without increasing the business budget.

Here are some of the reasons due to which the IT department needs the support of multi- factor authentication

1. Weak or stolen user credentials are a hacker’s choice of weapon used in most web application attacks.

2. The headlines belong to the household-name companies, but they are not the only organizations that are being targeted. In recent times, cybercriminals are attacking companies with fewer employees.

3. Password theft is continuously evolving because hackers are using a method like phishing, pharming, and keylogging.

4. The employees are already used to authenticating themselves in their personal lives as online services providers, such as gaming, social media, and banking. The email has every mobile-based tool that can efficiently authenticate the users while they are accessing the system.

5. Identity theft is easy, low-risk, and a high-rewarding type of crime, a threat for all types of businesses. It is not only the fastest growing crime but also more profitable than drug-related misconducts.

6. The antivirus system, innovative firewalls, and vulnerability tests are essential security elements.

7. Cybercriminals can do more hamper than stealing data by changing programs or services, destroy data, and user servers to transmit malicious code.

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