Why is it Important to Know about Cyber Command's Unified Platform

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, November 15, 2019

Unified Security PlatformThe Cyber Command’s Unified Platform helps in better interoperability by permitting companies to share their information rapidly and also create tools that are used across the service cyber components.

FREMONT, CA: The next development for the Cyber Command’s Unified Platform program will be a fully built software factory, a platform for combining the applications and discover new tools. The process assists in implementing and deploying analytical abilities to the cyber mission force. Besides connecting, the platform can also standardize various big data tools that are used by Cyber Command and its subordinate organizations, which consists of the Defense Information Systems Agency. The global platform allows organizations to comfortably share information and also build tools that are used all over the cyber service components leading to greater interoperability.

The Unified Platform program has been rapidly progressing where the program office published a “software factory,” and the program is popularly known as Cyber Enterprise Services. The program provides the environment with which they can build and deliver analytic tools to the cyber force. This is expected to improve several cyber platforms that have services like command and control, planning, generation, execution, assessment, reporting, and visualization. The software factory is “containerizing” applications by applying the Kubernetes technology, which is an open-source version of containerization that provides an efficient and flexible platform and infrastructure.

The consistency of the software factory and containerization of the applications offers an appropriate environment for everyone to create a software and mission application that is relevant to the CMF, bring it into the factory. The factory also contains all of the DevSecOps toolchains. The software offers a shared environment for the applications and also checks if it’s compliant with the entire ecosystem.

Eventually, the holistic environment focuses on incorporating and ingesting various data sources and not necessarily offensive or defensive tools. Therefore, the Cyber Enterprise Services program is primarily focused on experiments about possible mission applications so that it can help the cyber mission force.

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