Why is Cybersecurity Quintessential?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cyber SecurityBy contributing to the cybersecurity suite, CIOs are improving the existing security framework for businesses and associated third parties.

FERMONT, CA: Most of the organizations have always been worried about their security capabilities. Banking institutions are still a prime target for hackers because of huge volumes of financial and customer data. Financial institutions invest in cybersecurity. At the same time, the role of CIOs is becoming crucial. 

Digital technology is making strides across different sectors. Banks invest heavily in mobile and web-based services to keep up with their growing base of audiences. Development, however, is not without limitations. The attempts to crash into banking networks has increased significantly. Even the big financial institutions are always under threat of attack. The main concerns for large institutions are the sensitive customer data and the reputations of the institutions that can suffer enormously, even in the event of a partially successful cyber attack. CIOs are well aware of the various loopholes within the system of an enterprise and can help improve and protect vulnerable areas. 

CIOs should assist business leaders not only with a cybersecurity response plan but also with a prevention plan to stop the attacks long before they become a major business threat. Awareness of existing and emerging cyberattack threats is a key factor that can support the CIOs and the IT department with the prevention plan for cyber attacks. Awareness of the potential threat is important not only for the IT staff but also for the other teams and departments since the attackers can capitalize on seemingly harmless negligence or mistake. CIOs lead the IT teams to explore any potential vulnerability in the existing security framework.

When it comes to innovation in security technologies, CIOs will have an important role to play. CIOs also have a deep understanding of the safety issues associated with digital technology. Therefore, consideration of different teams will be critical in designing the security features to improve the banking industry's overall security metrics.

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