Why is Cybersecurity Important?

Russell Thomas, Enterprise Security Mag | Wednesday, July 14, 2021

FREMONT, CA : Cybersecurity is essential because it encompasses everything that pertains to securing sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal information, intellectual property, data, and governmental and industry information systems from theft and damage attempted by criminals. Cyberattacks can occur on a global scale and with hackers breaching government enterprises. To keep the internet age well-ordered and secure for users, the requirement for cybersecurity arises. It secures firms from cyber-criminals, hackers, and anybody who needs to harm enterprises financially, mentally, or engage in data theft online.

The advent of innovative technologies like IoT is exponentially increasing the number of connected devices to the extent that there will be around 200 billion connected devices by the end of 2021. Cyberwarriors enhance their knowledge while hackers can now use artificial intelligence and machine learning to trigger automated cyberattacks that can seamlessly compromise secure systems without any human intervention. These automated cyberattacks pose a scare and can be done on a mass volume.

With cybersecurity threats rolling out, new laws can be placed to guard the consumer from potential attacks. This would mean that heightened regulations and legislation may soon become a reality. Harsher penalties will be placed on perpetrators of the attack. Citizens must be made aware of laws passed and make sure that their enterprises comply with the laws. Cyber threats can come from any level of the organization. Firms must educate their staff about simple social engineering scams like phishing and more sophisticated cybersecurity threats like ransomware attacks or other malware tailored to steal intellectual property or personal data.

Cybersecurity's essentiality is on the rise. Fundamentally, society is more technologically dependant than ever before, and there is no sign that this trend will fade. Enterprises should no longer be asking why cybersecurity is essential, organization's cybersecurity practices should be sufficient to comply with regulation and guard business against sophisticated cyber attacks.

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