Why Enterprises Need Unified Threat Management

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

UTM's primary goal is to offer increased security, protection, visibility, and control over network security while also mitigating complexity.

FREMONT, CA: With the increasing number of connected devices in the business network and the different ways employees now connect, it is more essential than ever to set up dedicated security systems that give integrated protection. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is a special kind of IT solution focused on proactive protection.  UTM lets an administrator monitor and manages a wide variety of applications and infrastructure components. Here is what exactly it can offer for the business.

Top 10 Threat Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2018• Flexibility and Adaptability

UTM provides users the ability to possess flexible solutions to cope with today's complex networking environments. This flexibility is gained by offering security technologies from which enterprises can pick and choose what is most relevant. UTM's flexibility lets for the deployment of multiple security technologies to combat the constantly evolving threats in the modern networking environment. Constant updates ensure that the system is always current, robust, and well equipped to provide security.

• Centralized Integration and Management

A network security system comprises multiple components that can be complex to control separately. UTM offers a framework that combines all the functions of the security system under a single management console. This makes the system seamless to monitor and enables operators to pinpoint specific components of the UTM. The centralized security control also allows enterprises to monitor multiple threats impacting different parts of the system.

• Cost-effectiveness

Enterprises can benefit from considerable cost savings by consolidating its network security management. A centralized framework mitigates the number of required devices and the number of employees that were previously needed to manage multiple devices.

• Increased Awareness of Network Security Threats

UTM enables for the quicker detection of incoming security threats. A centralized system is more up to date, operates faster, and offers a consolidated platform where multi-faceted risks can be identified. Attacks affect enterprises system using multiple technologies and code changes that can be complex to detect under single-component technologies that do not function in unison. UTM enables incoming threats to be identified and managed under a consolidated framework.

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