Why Endpoint Security is Better Than the Next-Gen Antivirus

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, March 12, 2019

endpoint securityTraditional enterprise security solutions have become obsolete with the introduction of modern technologies. Cybercriminals use most advanced techniques to hack into a network and steal sensitive customer and organizational data. Organizations should also leverage advanced solutions and keep a constant vigil to prevent their data from getting compromised.

The familiarity with legacy solutions and their interfaces prevents companies from switching to new security solutions. The traditional antivirus solutions, which once dominated the cybersecurity markets over endpoint security don’t offer adequate protection to keep the enterprise’s network and data safe. These solutions don’t have the threat intelligence and prevention capabilities to recognize and eliminate modern malware threats.

The next-gen antivirus builds on the foundation of traditional antivirus system for the detection of malware or any other suspicious activity.

In addition to the legacy features such as virus scanning and signature detection, next-gen antivirus also provides features like application whitelisting and AI adaption.  This antivirus solution can enhance network and threat visibility, threat remediation, and malware contextualization. Next-gen antivirus also provides easy integration with cloud resources, allowing enterprises a smooth digital transformation. However, modern security solution demands much more than the next-gen antivirus systems.

Endpoint antimalware security solution can be an ideal replacement of next-gen antivirus solution as it provides overall security solution to the entire organization. It provides a digital perimeter with the help of intelligent technologies and features like machine learning, sandboxing, vulnerability shielding, application control and so on. Endpoint security solution offers layered protection with robust antivirus functionality like antispyware, email inbox protection, host-based firewalls, and data loss prevention. The integrated suite of endpoint security provides security features like antivirus, antispyware, data loss prevention, integrated firewall, device control, email protection, website browsing protection, encryption tools, and endpoint detection and response. These capabilities make endpoint security solution way more efficient than the next-gen security solution.

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