Why do Businesses need to Deploy an Endpoint Security Solution?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Endpoint SecurityThe IoT market grows as more and more enterprises are included in their networks, leading to billions of connected devices by 2020. The IoT attacks still appear to be increasing exponentially over the coming years, as 2019 has already witnessed threats to IoT devices 300 percent more than what was initially the case.

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises need to get used to the rising complexity of hackers and cyber-attacks at present as well as in the coming years. It is hard to believe, but hackers never lay at rest. They are continuously working to enhance their cyber-attacks and evolve the threat scenario. However, the business needs to deploy an endpoint security solution that will hold up the system against the deluge of malware.

Moreover, the enterprise also needs to adapt to the transforming technological landscape when it comes to protecting their business from cybersecurity. There have to be different endpoint capabilities for different devices and network connections to protect them because the threats now are nothing like the ones that existed earlier.

Sadly, IoT producers do not pay attention to cybersecurity in their manufacturing designs or methods. Even if they provide a few layers of protection, they hardly upgrade or patch them, when necessary. Sometimes, the IoT manufacturers might not declare or advertise their recent updates to their customers. IoT devices co`me with a burdened of default administrator passwords, which the hackers can effortlessly discover with determination or dark web databases.

The devices involved in the enterprise infrastructure can possess types of built-in cybersecurity protection, where the next-generation endpoint security can lend a hand in protecting the devices in 2020. On the other hand, modern endpoint security can facilitate enterprises to discover IoT devices, which can otherwise turn into blind spots within the network.

Furthermore, the endpoint security in 2020 can install a complete zero trust, so the unmonitored devices will not be able to join the infrastructure just like that. In case a device wants to join the network or download itself, it will have to be approved by the IT security team, irrespective of being an application, equipment, or program trying to download.

Endpoint security and cybersecurity together need to be considered as a priority in the business plans. Cybersecurity not only protects the business, but also preserves the reputation of the brand, reassures the customers, and streamlines every business process. In the absence of the necessary prioritization, which cybersecurity demands, the endpoint security of the business will tend to fail despite every effort.

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