Why Businesses are using Vulnerability Management

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Companies are using vulnerability management due to the increasingly sophisticated security threats.

FREMONT, CA: Vulnerability management is an ongoing task to identify hazards on the network and establish a strategy to avoid potential harm from such vulnerabilities. To proactively identify and respond to security threats, a successful vulnerability management framework integrates technology, and a team of security experts. A flaw in the system that leaves them vulnerable to attacks is a vulnerability. It can be triggered by hardware, software, or implementation error that leaves the device exposed to possible danger.

It's easy to find and repair many vulnerabilities. Some manufacturers of software and hardware keep an eye on possible bugs, writing, and distributing fixes. But they open themselves up to new threats and possible losses as workers click to ignore these changes or potential weaknesses fall through the cracks. A successful vulnerability management system works to reduce the security risk profile for the business across multiple stages.

Why is Vulnerability Management Important?

It is important to proactively monitor the network vulnerabilities instead of handling them when an intruder has identified them, because of the vast number of devices accessing the network, many endpoints leave the companies exposed to threats and more advanced attacks.

Constant updates and patches

Since manufacturers of hardware and software are actively searching for glitches or flaws in their platforms, updates, and fixes are often pushed out. When staff press to ignore certain pop-ups on their screens, this can be negative. On the other hand, it can be a full-time task for the IT or security team to handle all those changes.

More advanced attacks

As sophisticated, customized threats continue to spread, rather than performing a general, systemic attack, many attackers will actively search for vulnerabilities on their targets' networks. These vulnerabilities offer attackers further chances to access and manipulate the network successfully.

Industry regulations

There are now regulations in place for many industries that require businesses to provide a vulnerability management process to handle patches on their software and hardware systems. Such laws are the right encouragement to build a plan and to tackle future threats proactively.

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