What Technologies are Adopting Intelligent Connectivity?

By Enterprise Security Magazine | Friday, March 13, 2020

Intelligent connectivity is helping organizations connect the assets with artificial intelligence at the network slicing and network edge.

FREMONT, CA: Intelligent connectivity is an essential provider for applications like artificial intelligence (AI) or augmented reality (AR). The technology is formed with the help of the latest 5G techniques, which includes connecting the assets with artificial intelligence at the network slicing and network edge.

• AR and VR can transform the process in which live sports and music concerts are watched.

• Virtual personal assistants will become available and will ease the daily lives by managing the schedules.

• It is forecasted that the technique will have a significant impact on the industries, society, and individuals. It will also mark a new beginning defined by the highly contextualized and personalized experience.

• Drones will also be there to deliver the packages to the homes.

Top 10 Connected Security Solution Companies - 2019The Primary Applications that are Adopting the Intelligent Connectivity

Artificial intelligence

AI is one of the significant factors that provide a tremendous increase to the digital density because of the augmentation of data with the help of objects, organizations, and people through IoT. Big Data also assists in generating the predictive algorithms with the help of training from machine learning systems. Other factors consist of cost reduction of computation along with the enhancement of machine learning algorithms and easy access to AI applications. 

With the growth of data, the digital density will also increase that will represent the world in better processes. 

Digital Wellness

The digital wellness primarily focuses on the impact of AI caused on a human because it is a technology that is used as a substitute or increases human activities. Managers have to be more careful when they are tackling the externalizations due to AI, primarily the negative ones that are above the impact done by a business model. 

Digital Trust

There is no doubt that the augmentation of digital density will be beneficial for the companies because they will create value propositions. 

However, with the benefits, there are also challenges, so with the rise of intelligent connectivity, the companies must also deal with some significant problems like integration, security, data privacy, and reliability.

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