What Role is AI Playing in Digital Forensics?

Enterprise Security Magazine | Monday, November 25, 2019

Digital ForensicsDigital forensics is on the cusp of a revolution in its comparatively young life. It is now moving into the third revolution with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where intelligence is showcased by machines that are trained to learn and solve problems.

Fremont, CA: Algorithms are already playing a pivotal role in helping digital forensics investigators in evaluating the massive amount of data that has been formulated by the mobile devices and stacked on the cloud. Similar to any other industry, demand outstrips supply when it comes down to trained, qualified professionals who can examine through the inventory of digital forensics data relevant to new criminal cases. AI can help automate processes as well as instantly flag content or insights, which would otherwise take a much longer time to uncover.

Artificial Intelligence functions help to spot and identify elements in photos and videos by observing commonalities in communication, times, and location, as well as based on the history, make guesses about when and where the next incident or crime might take place.

Considering that there is a trust factor that needs to be overcome with AI in digital pieces of evidence in criminal investigations. When the evidence in a case is presented, the attorneys, jury members, and judges are expected to grasp the vast concept of AI to accept and be comfortable with its growing role in digital forensics and many more modern criminal investigations. Only taking human logic into account for complex decisions can be traced back and debated. Hence, it is imperative that the AI functions have logs, and as a result, its conclusions are always transparent and can be prosecuted entirely.

The human representation will always be an essential part of a criminal investigation, and it is necessary to understand that AI is a tool and not an investigator. At the moment, it is vital to understand and leverage this tool, and at the same time, it is equally important to not conflate AI as analogous to an investigator.

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